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Concrete and Steel Garden by JAFNOVA
Concrete and Steel Garden
Please note:My work is Copyright 2015
All my works are registered and undercopyright.
© C.D.P /JAFNOVA 2010-2015
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: strong language)
“Tyger, Tyger burning bright, in the forests of the night.
 What immortal hand or eye could frame thy fearful symmetry?”
                                                                                                              -William Blake

Maggie gave a light smile to herself as she read one of her favorite poems that she had hanging up in her high school’s locker’s door. It one of the few things that gave her comfort as she struggled on ward to find any meaning of what was going on with her and it was not just about of what happened a few nights ago at the old Loven estate grounds, even though that terrifying image of what the ghost girl threw at her still burned well in the back of her mind.  

Other than that, amazingly Maggie appeared remarkably clam on the outside despite the whole experience she been through. However, these kinds of strange encounters with the supernatural world are not really very new to her.

Ever since she received these powers, these “gifts” from her benefactor, someone to this day Maggie has no idea who this person truly is, she has been exposed to all sorts of experiences, some wonderful and some nightmarish.  

In one of her earlier adventures, where she was dealing with a gang of bikers from out of town who just also happen to be a pack of werewolves, she was also sot out and introduced to a group of girls, some who went to the same school that she did. At first they appeared to be into the same “Gothic” scene just like Maggie was. Yet, at school, they never really talked or even bothered to even acknowledge to Maggie before as one of there own, which really annoyed Maggie in some ways because not a whole lot of students were into Gothic at her small town high school.  

Some of the other kids at school happen to call the group of girls; “The Witches Lot” as a joke because how they dressed or the way they socialized with each other, however, most had no idea how right they were.

Most of the girls were indeed young witches, in “practice” anyway. They really did not have a mentor to call on to. There was an urban legend that a natural “White Witch” was living somewhere outside of town in the old forest nearby, however most of the girls wanted nothing to do with her or any other members of her coven because they practiced White Magic.   Some of them even preferred to be called by the old English word; “Wicce”, and they believed that Maggie with her “interesting” power may come in handy in their own quest into becoming full fledge witches in the dark arts.

Maggie again lightly scratched at her middle finger with the tip of her thumb nail wondering why it was starting to itch so bad or why it suddenly flicker ever so often as if her finger was having some kind of small muscle spasms.

She then glances up at the small mirror she also kept on the inside of her locker to look over herself when a quite voice called out to her from behind the locker door itself.  

“You saw her, didn’t you?”  said a feminine voice almost in a swallow whisper.

Maggie quickly closes the door to come to eye-to-eye contact one of the other Goth girls that hanged out with the so-called “The Witches Lot”.

Sara. She was a small girl in height, just shorter than Maggie. Her long smooth black hair went almost down her hold backside, Maggie thought her face was “cute”, yet at the same time looked delicate and had a slightly oval in shape to it, however, the one thing that stood out was her deep brown eyes that seen to cut right through a person if she glanced at you the right way as if she was trying to look into your own eyes and more.

She always claimed to Maggie and the others that she wasn’t trying to becoming a witch herself, she just wanted to learn more about the strange power or ability she had to see and talk to people who have passed on to “The Other Side” as she would called it and could detect when living people or man made items made contact with spirits.

She has even mentioned more than once that her great grandfather who was from England was a kind of “Necromancer”.

“You saw Jennifer last night, didn’t you?” ask Sara as she held out her right hand towards Maggie.

“’Jennifer’?” replied Maggie with a puzzled look on her face even though she was not surprised to see Sara this morning before Homeroom starts.

“Come on, you know what I can do.” explained Sara as she still held out her hand. “She was that ghost you saw last night.”

Maggie is hesitated at first however she gives Sara her left hand and she rubs it gently at first, and then she takes both of her hands and gives a harder rub on the palm focusing on the left finger for about a minute.

Maggie looks around nervously to see if anybody is watching all this because even to her this was a bit weird and sure enough one of the popular girls just happen to walk and gives an odd look at the two before she just rolled her eyes in disbelief and kept walking to her class.

“Great.” she then says in a low mumble as Sara kept doing her work.

Suddenly Sara lets out a loud “Gasp!” as if she is trying to breathe from being under water too long while at the same time letting go of Maggie’s hand and takes a couple of steps back with a face of disbelief on her.

“So, not only did you see her!” explained Sara in a bit of hysteria as a cold sweat formed on her forehead. “You had made a physical contact with her as well! No wonder some of the ghost’s aura is coming off of you so very strong. You are ripe with it.”

“Slow down, Sara.” said Maggie trying to calm down the other girl. “What are you saying here.”

“While I was scanning you to see what happen between you and Jennifer I dove in deeper than I planned. I saw what happened between you two at the old manor  grounds a couple nights ago, but I was able to somehow come across Jennifer’s last few minutes of life while in the process. You do know what happened to her, right?”

“I don’t know even who hell this “Jennifer” is.” replied Maggie. “If that was her ghost, I only saw her for a very short time and most of it was that a very scary face of hers.”

“That “scary face” just happens to be her banshee spirit.” Sara quickly cuts in holding up a finger.  “Jennifer Porterfield herself came from a strong Irish family background and unfortunately that part comes with their ghost’s personalia, if a woman or girl dies in a violent matter that is.  The Serial Killer known as “The 28th” murdered Jennifer just over twenty years ago and she did go to our school once. Come on, I’ll show you.”

Maggie quickly closes her locker door while being tugged by the arm of by Sara until they reach a group of old yellowed photographs nearby the Mess Hall of former classmates of the past. Some were students who achieved great things like “Football Player Of the Year”, “Winner of the College Level Science Award”.

Then right next to them was another section of photographs some of which were in color while others black and white prints all with a narrow black stripe made of fine silk going partly across the image in the upper right corner of the photograph’s wooden frame. There was even a beautifully made wooden sign above them with the words carved into the wood saying  “IN MEMORY OF”. Students who died or passed away before or shortly after leaving the school, some from driving accidents, however mostly were ones who died while serving in the military in the past wars or civil service jobs like police or firefighters.

Maggie knew about these photographs, saw them all the time as she walked pasted them while going to lunch, however, just like she and so many other students they pretty much did not even bother to stop and even look at them because she and the others had better things on the mind at the time or for some they just didn’t really care about the past, just what their very own great future held for them just beyond the walls of this school and this old town, that so many wanted to leave behind soon.

She then spots Jennifer’s memorial photograph with her name below it, it was in better shape than most of the others with the light showing of yellowing in the corners on the print itself.  The image must have been taken when the students were getting their school photographs because it was a bust-level photo of her looking into the camera giving back a pleasant smile, blue eyes to go with the nice light blue dress she was wearing, a narrow gold rope chain hung around her neck with a matching dime-sized heart shaped locket with a cross engraved on it and her frosty brown hair was done up for the photo shoot.

“Wow, she sure is pretty here.” Maggie thinks to herself about the photograph itself compared to the brief moment of what she believes she saw Jennifer’s true self before going banshee on her. Jennifer at first appeared to be more frightened of Maggie than she was of her as she recalls last night.

Maggie looks back down at the name again; “Jennifer Porterfield”. No date on when or where she died unlike some of the others, however, Maggie spots something just below the name. It was something written in what appears to be in black permanent mark, yet still some fading has happen over time and with the sunlight that peaks into this section of the hallway over the winter months.  Maggie could just make it out and she read the message out loud;  “’You’ll always be the “Valkyrie”.”

“Valkyrie?” repeated Maggie as she felt bit off for a second as if she was experiencing a strong sensation of déjà vu.

“Why does that word suddenly strike me like that?” she says to herself as everything around her felt like it was spinning for a few seconds.

Before she could turn to ask Sara a question another voice is now heard which sounded like it belonged to a young woman, it was almost spoke like the very words were being called out some distance away.

“Please stop.”

Maggie looks around quickly because the voice even though it was soft in tone manage still hit her inner core with a chill, then she hears it again, only louder this time, as if the person was standing right next to her now.


“Did you hear that?” Maggie asked Sara who just gave her an odd perplexed look back.

“Get it off! Get it the fuck off! Stop!” the voice spoke again this time in a mix of anger and fear. Maggie somehow recognized the voice as Jennifer’s own.

“I can’t… breath! Take it off!”

Maggie looks right up at the photograph and leans in closer and is suddenly shocked  back to see that it appears to have taken a life of its own as Jennifer’s image is looking right at Maggie showing a strong expression of terror while at the same time having a great deal of trouble of trying to breathe as she gasps for air between her words while tears run down her face as her eyes are tightly shut.

“Make it stop!”

This time Jennifer shouts almost in a terrifying scream as she lifts up her left hand while her right is tightly clasped around it trying to stop the blood that is coming out where her left middle once was.

Maggie was almost ready to yell out too until the combination of the sound of the school’s alarm bell rang sharply in Maggie’s mind along with Sara grabbing her right shoulder pulling Maggie upright snapped her back into the real world.

“What did you see?” asked Sara in a normal tone as few students walked by them, most paying no attention to the two girls.

“I…I think I just saw Jennifer react her dying moments that you’re talking about through that photo, I think!” exclaimed Maggie awkwardly within a shiver as she first takes notice that she could see the white clouded water vapor in her breath as if she was outside on a cold winter’s day before it faded away.  She then glanced upward again at the photograph seeing it returned back normal. “Shit, that was so utterly frecken’ real!”

“No surprise there.” replied Sara as she too looked at the photograph while her breath could be seen for a few seconds like Maggie’s until it to disappeared completely. “The dead have many ways in talking to the living. It used to paintings alone centuries ago and today photographs are being used to do it. Including the internet itself.”

“Was that really Jennifer talking to me?” asked Maggie impatiently, as she reexamined the photograph closer this time. “Yes, no, maybe so?”

“Maybe or maybe not.” replied Sara in an ensured tone. “I wanted to tell you before you zoned out is that you and Jennifer may have unknowingly exchanged each others memories. That happens sometimes when the lines of the living and dead cross paths. So, you may see more much more as time goes along.”

“More?” expressed Maggie in disbelief as she notices her left middle finger was twitching again.

“You saw what happen to Jennifer’s left finger, right?” asked Sara as she pointed to Maggie’s own. “It was cut off, that reaction with your own finger and the vision that just happen could only be the start. I’ll talk to few of the other girls as we meet up in library and see what they can tell us, this may need further investigation. We got to get going to class as well.”

“Yeah.” said Maggie trying to stay cool as she wiped the cold sweat off her face. “I guess we do, I guess.”

“Just don’t do stupid stuff.” requested Sara as she started to walk away as this was no big deal. “Or you might end up with some crazy personality disorders in the end.”

“Thanks.” replied Maggie with a concern tone.  

“Oh, by the way.” Sara calls back. “Chances are Jennifer will know a great deal about you as well.”

Still astonished at what just happened, Maggie walks quickly back to her locker, she reaches up for the top shelf, pulls out a notebook and the Shakespeare’s book of “Macbeth” that she needs her lecture class.

A small brown leather pouch that was resting on top of the book quickly falls out, almost hits Maggie in the head and lands right between her boots. She looks down at the pouch and does not remember putting it in her locker.

As Maggie reaches down for it, she instantly feels that familiar intoxicating and exotic sensation she gets anytime she is near any object that gives off magical energy.  She stops for a moment as her hand is just inches from it knowing full well what would happen if she got too close to it, however before she could react the pouch jumps up and into the palm of her hand just like a piece of metal drawn into a powerful magnet.

Maggie shoots straight up with alarm as she sees the magic itself leak through the pouch and into the blood veins of her right arm. Right away Maggie could feel the unforgettable rush that the power that comes from the magic gives off as it begins it swiftly course through her whole body as she also begins to feel and see the muscles in her body grow and develop into a much more powerful state as the very familiar feel and sound of her clothes starting to becoming strained from not only from her increasing state of muscular bulk, yet also from increase in height as she now notices she can slightly see over the top of the locker’s door.

Maggie knows she has not a second to loose as she quickly dives into her locker pulls out her black backpack and from one of it’s compartments pulls out another leather pouch only this one is black with some runes written in silver thread on it and puts the brown pouch inside and closes it tightly up. She then pulls out a blue crystal out another compartment and grasps it tightly in her right hand and watches with great relief as she sees all the magic that just entered her body leave it and become absorbed into the crystal which then turns a bright white while her body returns to its normal size.

“That was too close.” exclaimed Maggie within a great sigh in the end. “This is definitely not the time or place to let that side of me out. “

She then looks over the black pouch intensely before putting in her backpack.

“I don’t know where you came from. “ says Maggie referring bought the brown pouch “But, I’ll check on you later.”

Maggie looks over herself and glad to see there was hardly a large tear in her clothes as she made her way to her literature class.

“Ah Maggie!” greeted a cheerful voice to her as she tried at first to enter the classroom discreetly. “I’m so glad you made it to class.”

Maggie looked right at her literature teacher, Miss Burch who always dressed in white. Today however, it was a light tan dress with a fine gold belt around her waist.

“Sorry I’m late.” explained Maggie .  “I forgot about something.”

“Don’t worry about it, please get to your seat, we are about to start.” Said Miss Burch. “Now class today we are going to go over King MacBeth and how the three witches played their part to lead into his own demised.”

Later that day in the school’s library, Sara meets up with more members of the “Witches Lot” including their leader “Coralline”.

“You’re putting me on!” exclaimed Coralline to Sara after listening to what Sara had explained about what has just happened with Maggie and the portrait of Jennifer.  

“Shhh.” reminded Sara to Coralline where they are at. “It happened right before my eyes. The spirit of Jennifer or maybe perhaps something else was calling out to Maggie because she has some how made a bond with the ghost-girl.”

“That would explain the chill I got my spine earlier this morning.” said another girl who was named Niccole. “I too can detect when a spirit good or bad is nearby,  places like graveyards, hospitals, crack houses and the such give me a headache sometimes.”

“Yeah, but your not so focused on this ability as I’ am.” reminded Sara as she gave Niccole a hard glance.

“And that really did just happened in this school?” asked Coralline. “ Strange, why did I not feel this presence when this happened?”

“Maybe you weren’t close enough or perhaps something to do with your own powers that you were born with blocked the spirit, who knows.” replied Niccole.

“Or maybe your just too mean and it wanted nothing to do with you.” added Sara with a giggle at the end. “You’re a real witch-bitch at times.”

Coralline’s deep brown eyes locked onto Sara’s own with an icy glance that would jump her heart a beat and spoke in a voice so eerily that took the very air out of her lungs for a second.

“Watch your tongue.” reminded Coralline as she grabbed the smaller girl’s right arm which felt suddenly icy cold to her. “The only reason I keep you around is the use of your own power, everyone else outside our little circle thinks you’re a freak of some kind. Just like Maggie, however even her strange powers are unlike anything I’ve seen or heard of before, so I knew someday she would come in handy for something, yet I didn’t see this ghost hook-up coming. This can be very fortune it to us.”

“How’s that?” asked Niccole as she blew back a lock of her blonde hair while she watched on at how Coralline was using her own dark developed power.  “Mistresses.”

“Simple.” explained Coralline as she let go of Sara who quickly backed away. “We all know that one of the most powerful witches ever in this area went by the name; “Wicked Jenny”. Supposedly took the first name of her own mistresses “Jenny Greenteeth” from England.”

“Wicked Jenny?” exclaimed Sara within a gasp. “As in; “Old Wicked Jenny of the deep old forest”?”

“The same.” replied Coralline within a sinister smile.  

“We all know that.” reminded Niccole. “She was tried as a witch, drowned in the very lake outside of town where we all swam at as kids, hung by the neck for two days outside the town hall with everyone throwing rotten food, rocks and holy water at her corpse with crows picking at it. Oh yeah, let’s not forget, burned pretty good at the stake and just for good measures just to make sure her dark soul would never have the chance to rise up from the dead from her burnt bones for any reason, they slammed down three long iron stakes into her grave plot as soon as they dumped the last of the dirt on top of her coffin. Iron stakes that were also blessed by a young priest who just happened to have a brother who was the town’s blacksmith…just to make sure again.”

“Through weren’t they?” asked Coralline.

“Eh, just a bit.” replied Niccole with light sarcasm.

“But fools at the same time.” added Coralline bitterly.  “A fully well trained and powerful witch knows many ways to cheat the final trails of death itself, even if it means to temporarily go into the “Other side” as a spirit and wait for the right time to return to our world again.”

“Which brings up my point about Wicked Jenny.” said Sara as she looked right up at the tall thin girl who was dressed almost completely in black. “Even if she did actually died over hundred and seventy years ago, there are those who spun tales about her that she lived a great deal longer than most people have claimed, like the one where she really was the very original “Jenny Greenteeth” from England and fled to America just sometime after the thirteen original colonies were founded and the main reason she may have lived for so long is because she devoured the flesh and souls of the young and old which added their own life force to her own.”

“Which kinda goes back as to why they put her to death the way they did, huh.” added Niccole.   “So what are you getting at?”

“I can see what you want to do here with Maggie.” explained Sara. “You want to somehow convince Maggie talk to or better yet control the ghost in to perhaps make contact with Jenny.”

“Yes, that is one reason.” replied Coralline. “Another one is that Jennifer just happens to be buried in the same graveyard as Jenny, correct Sara?”

“Yes, I did say that earlier in that text.” replied Sara with some concern.  “Why?”

“Don’t you see, girl?” exclaimed Niccole. “The very two share the very same soil within the boarders of the same burial grounds. They do share a kind of link among each other along with the other spirits that dwell in the cemetery, whether they know it or not. Just like those who live in different houses within same village. They may not know all of each other very well, but they all do live within same place. Maybe, a better word here is “colony”. A graveyard, a colony of dead people.”

“Nevertheless.” said Coralline. “Because of that “link” we can use the spell of; “Spirit manipulative” on Jennifer’s essence forcing her in helping us talk to Jenny. This way we don’t have to depend of sweet Maggie at controlling the ghost alone, just to have her bring it to us, then the ghost will be our little puppet.”    

“’It’?” quoted Niccole. “You’re making it sound like Jennifer is an object to add to your collection of magical trinkets, Jennifer was once a living person and even though she is a spirit now, she like most ghosts will still have the personality of what made them who they once were as individuals on Earth.”  

“Whoa, hold it. Being who I am and what I can do with making contact with the dead, I can tell you that this can be very, very dangerous. “explained Sara carefully to the other girls. “Not to just to Maggie or the ghost, but to us too. If we just happen to have Jenny come forth from the other side who really knows what can happen, she could take possession of one of our bodies and suck the rest of us dry of our life force until we are simply dust or what could come back with her!? There are reasons why these rules are in place, if we cross the wrong way…”

“And if we do this the right way, then image the dark secrets and extraordinary power we could receive from Jenny.” cuts in Coralline sharply. “We could be her acolytes, a new more powerful cloven could be founded. I’m just turned on alone by this thought. Sara you could be even more powerful than any Necromancer in this current history.”

All of them were quite for a bit, looking at each other, and then finally Niccole spoke up.

“What do you have in mind?”

“Send out the word.” explained Coralline as her normal voice returns and she holds her cell phone. “Tell the others we are to gather soon at the last place where Jennifer was alive on this realm. I trust we all know about the place I’m taking about that we were told as kids around the campfires in these woods.”

“And Maggie?” asked Sara. “You know she will never go with you on this plan, she is not a fool and her soul has a great deal of light in it. Eventually she may even try to stop you.”

“Us.” reminded Coralline. “Us, and leave that little problem to me, I have a plan, Maggie has asked us in the past to help her make contact with the very one who gave her these powers, I think we can use this knowledge to our aid as well and just make sure that we can use the spell to control the ghost if we can’t control Maggie, I’ll have a contingency plan in mind too, I just have to go home and get it first. Having a free will is sometimes only an option to ghosts when they are back within the world of the living after all.”

Later that day in school, the last class has just ended can the halls are filled with students mostly at their lockers putting on their coats and saddling their backpacks as they hustle out the doors, Maggie was one of the last students at getting into hallway because she just finished up having a talk with her favorite teachers. On her way to her locker she just happens to walk by the hallway where the photos are hung, including Jennifer’s. After what happen earlier today she wasn’t crazy about going back down there. Even at lunchtime she took a different route just to avoid it. However, she mustered up the courage and walked down the hall and up to the portrait, still the same as it always was with Jennifer smiling back. Maggie examined the portrait closer until suddenly new voice spoke up sharply.

“I was the one who did it!” said the voice, which made Maggie jump back from the portrait quickly.

Maggie turned to the source to see a short, dark skin man holding a mop and dressed in blue coveralls, boots and a well-worn “Ford Trucks” ball cap.  

“I was the one who made that wooden sign young lady.” said the school’s head janitor who was a Filipino. “ Made it just over 25 years ago, I used my wood craving skills once to make wooden signs, cups or mugs for stationed or visiting sailors off of the U.S. Navy ships in Subic Bay back when I was a boy with my Dad.”

The man walks up to Maggie and looks at Jennifer’s portrait.

“Sad, she was a nice girl. Real fighter that one, some they called her by a warrior’s name, I’ don’t remember though.”

“’Valkyrie’?” asked Maggie as she glanced at the name on Jennifer’s photograph.

“Yes, I believe that was it!” exclaimed the John.

“Why was she called that?” asked Maggie as she walked up to him.  “Valkyries by Norse mythology were the ones who brought slain warriors to Valhalla.”

“I think for her the main reason was that she was a fighter. Born prematurely, didn’t have much of a chance to live they said, but the kiddo pulled right through, too stubborn to die others said. Even when she finally attend at this school, she didn’t take crap from anybody and she stood up for those who couldn’t, lot of the popular girls and boys didn’t like her, they didn’t like her own style of “cool”.” explained John as he pulled out at his pocket watch and glanced at it as if he is reading the time, then he looks right up at Maggie with a bit of concern on his well-aged face which left her puzzled for a moment.  “She was pretty much alone at times.”

“’Alone’?” quoted Maggie softy as she looked back at Jennifer’s portrait again. “I can understand that.”

“She came to this school as a junior shortly after moving here with her family, her last school was a Catholic School in upper state New York near Rochester, the family just happen go to the same church that I still go to.”

“You seem to know quite a bit about her.” replied Maggie with supposition in her voice now while still studying at the portrait.

“I have a knack about seeing people’s quarks.” explained John. “On top of all that, I’ve been around this place for years now and I do recall a lot about of the kids that come through these halls, including you, Maggie.”

Maggie quickly looks up at John, not too sure if she’s comfortable that John knew her by her first name or what was he seeing about her.

“Well, time to get back to work.” says John as he begins to walk away pushing his wheeled bucket with his mop as he heads for the cafeteria’s hall leaving Maggie with more questions than answers as she looks back at Jennifer’s picture.

As John goes around the hall’s counter and disappears from view, he the calls back to her.

“Oh, by the way. What I said about me seeing “people’s quarks”?” I would watch out for some of those friends of yours you hang out with. They may be trying to use you just to mess with a power of a very nefarious nature.”

“What are you talking about?” demanded Maggie as she runs up the last place she saw John, however he wasn’t there or any where in the hallway. She next runs into the cafeteria hall and looks around the whole place quickly, no one was in the place. Not even his mop or squeaky bucket was around.

“Where the hell did he go?” said Maggie to herself as she still looks around as she feels her left middle finger start to flick uncontrollably again. “This has been one weird day.”

As Maggie left of the cafeteria hall by way one the door’s leading outside in a huff, John watches her go. As soon as he confident she’s gone he reappears back into the cafeteria by phasing out of the brick wall like he was a ghost himself, yet still solid as a normal person while still holding on to his mop.

He then takes a deep breath in relief just before his body shifts and changes into his true form of “Tim the Enchanter” and cemetery’s head groundskeeper while his mop changes back into a digging shovel.

“Well there young lady.” he says out loud referring about Maggie as he spots her through a large window in the cafeteria, he then pulls out his pocket watch again and watches its hands move in a strange matter as if they trying to point out at something then suddenly they lock onto Maggie as she makes her way to her car in the student parking lot. “Nice to meet you finally, now lets see what happens next.”

“And what just happens next say you old Tim?” asked a tranquil yet at the same time firm voice behind him.

Tim turns calmly around as he is not suspired to hear this voice as locks eyes with Maggie’s literature teacher.

“Ahh, Miss Mary Bruch.” replied Tim in an up beat tone as his eyes look up and down at the young woman dressed mostly in white now. “Been awhile has it not? Thought you would be up north this time of this year for the upcoming Wicca holiday, the “Samhain” I believe?”

“I leave in a few days.” she replied firmly as she walked up to him as she too spots Maggie driving off.  “If it’s about her, I’m already well aware of the strange anomaly she is giving off and I’m keeping an eye, in fact I left a small magic crystal recorder in her locker yesterday to get a sample of her power better, works just a syringe in some respects. But, what’s your business now? Usually these days your keeping watch over any rifts of dark magic that happen to come upon these woods as well as keeping watch over stranded spirits within the Earth realm in the town’s largest and oldest cemetery, which by no offence is a bit strange even for an odd one like you.”

“They give me good company most of the time, its nice to talk to one who recalls life back in the eighteen century, had a lot of fun back then.” replied Tim still with his pleasant smile towards her. “To the reason why I’m watching her now as well. I think she might be used to raise up Jenny’s spirit from her grave, I sure you know who I’m talking about?”

“Of course I know about, Jenny Greenteeth!” expressed Mary with greater concern now. “Years ago, back in 1818 in fact. It took not only my coven’s original members to seal in her dark twisted spirit within her confines of her own tomb, but teaming up with the town’s young Catholic priest who just happen to been a former blacksmith apprentice to forge the very three iron stakes out of the town’s chapel’s crucifix that pin her within the cold earth forever. That very alliance that was between our coven and the church is still very controversial to this day within the other gatherings of the white witches.”

“Still, Jenny’s spirit couldn’t cross over to dark realm?” asked Tim.  “Even though she did willing made a pact with the devil himself for her powers, he never welcomed her to his fiery kingdom afterward?”

“Those iron spikes keep her spirit trapped forever here, even after they rust away. Which they do not because the spell we casted upon them prevent them and the enchanted heavy white marble slab we sealed her coffin over from breaking down from the forces of nature itself. She wanted to be an immoral by draining normal people of life force itself, well now she is an immoral trapped in limbo forever. But, you know all of this.” said Mary.

“I do, I do, and I do check on her grave very now and then.” said Tim. “Though I admit, I don’t like going back to that end of the cemetery, nothing grows back there, not even a rag weed. The heat from her vile power can be felt long before I see the scorch stone and I do fear what she could do to me as a user of white magic. Gotta make sure I’m pumped with counterpart spells before I even go there.”

“Maggie?” questioned Mary Bruch in puzzlement. “She’s not the type of person that would be foolish enough to try a stunt like that and she is not dark.”

“Maybe so, but for what I have learned about her power so far, it is not natural magic ether, at least not from Earth.” said Tim. “But those girls, the ones who are playing with black magic, the so-called; “Witches Lot” may try.”

“Oh, I’ve should have guessed before you said something!” said Mary with disgust. “Those black witchcraft wantabes. Most of them have no idea what they are doing much of the time, playing around with the dark arts like they have been doing, these last two years have been a burden to me and the other clan of white witches in this State and up in Southern Canada. They really have upset the balance of light and darkness at times, especially that one girl; “Coralline” she is the most dangerous one of them all.”

“Well then why haven’t you done anything to stop them?” asked Tim. “I thought you white witches were allowed to stop those who made a pact with the dark magic arts.”

“That’s just it, they have not taken the final steps in taking the final dark pact.” explained Mary. “Unlike the old days, new rules by our cloven say; “Just watch and take reports”. I can’t really touch them unless they are truly are about do something which have grave consequences. And now you say they want to free Jenny? Well as of now then I have a damn good reason to smack the little bitches into their proper place. “

“Take a chill pill as one of my ghosted friends would say.” said Tim within a chuckle, however still being serious. “There is more to this than just Maggie, it involves one of my younger spirits who unintentionally got messed up in this too.”

“Who and how?” asked Mary.

“Remember the name Jennifer Porterfield? The girl who came to this school back in the late 1980’s and was murdered by that serial killer; “28th”?”

“Yes.” replied Mary with a slight nod.  “I do know her ghost does roam around in parts of town from time to time. In fact, there was a bit of spirit disturbance earlier today, was that her?”

“No, not really” said Tim. “That was her banshee side trying to tell or warn Maggie something. I’m not too sure what because those angry spirits have a mind of their own. Sometimes Jennifer herself has no control at what her vengeful side is doing when she is not on this realm until the banshee and her are fully one again once she crosses back over here.”

“Are you saying that Jennifer herself and her aggressive counterpart are some how separated when Jennifer’s own gentile spirit goes back to her own faith’s purgatory?” questioned Mary. “That’s a bit abnormal even for the type of ghost like her.”

“It’s something like that. Her situation as a whole is very complicated to say the lease.” explained Tim. “Truly, I want to help her crossover to the other side as she should have years ago, but a great deal of road blocks are round her thanks to 28th’s cruse she has on her very soul.”

“A real labyrinthine, huh?” added Mary.  

“Yes, rather.” replied Tim bitterly.

“Again; “How”?” asked Mary. “How do Maggie and Jennifer both fall into this? One being alive and one being dead.”

“That I can explain later.” replied Tim. “Because time is short, the question I really need to ask you now is about that huge stone guardian that you and couple of your fellow sisters buried at the old mansion’s swimming pool a few years ago.”

“’The Golem’?” asked Mary. “The same giant stone statue that…that..!”

“The same anthropopathic humanoid creature that Greenteeth made as a sick joke towards the ones of the Hebrew faith who lived in the town back when she was alive to just simply terrorize everyone for her own entertainment. Until it disappeared one day.” said Tim.

“Until one day years later, it was found by some deer hunters deep in the old forest’s swamp, came back to life and did the terrorized thing all over again.” added Mary. “Which I still say Greenteeth had something to do with it’s awaking just the way the dark magic that came from it when we fought it. Couldn’t destroy it at the time, so we sealed it. You of course was in Budapest at the time.” explained Mary.  “For a wizards and magic uses “Gathering” I believe.”  

“Guess where Jennifer was killed again?” asked Tim. “On those very same grounds where the Golem is now sleeping, if those Witches Lot kids go to the mansion, try to trick Maggie and force Jennifer to make contact with Jenny’s spirit guess what might get woken up first because of Greenteeth’s dark magic still on it?”

“I can see where this is going with Maggie now.” grumbled Mary. “When does this happen?”

“Tonight.” replied Tim. “If I heard those girls right back at the library.”

As the early evening hours set on the cemetery making the sky turn a light orange red, the autumn season quickly turned the air crisp and damp while the smell of dead dry leaves and sweet chimney smoke was abundant.

Some of the “permanent residents” of the town’s cemetery begin to make their daily appearance on the grounds, however in a very quite matter because there were still members of the living running about and most of the good ghosts did not want to scare anybody or they made sure the bad ones did not harm their “guests” within the bounds of the graveyard itself.

One who did make sure very ghost was in check was Keeper, he was the oldest resident buried in the cemetery and he was tasked with the forever job of the title; “Keeper of the Graves” and for one who has been dead for well over one hundred and seventy years, he was very good at it, that and for the fact that he did look a lot a Death himself.

As Keeper made his timely rounds he soon notices that Tim has not made his return yet from his investigation into the strange magical anomaly that he found within Jennifer’s essences.

“A penny for your thoughts my good man.” said a foreign voice belonging to one who was as a gentleman in a past high society.

Keeper turns to face a fellow ghost who dressed in fine clothes of one belonging to the British upper class back in the late nineteen century as he adjusts his gold monocle glass on his right eye.  “You seem a bit more flustered than you normally are, sir.”

“’Jennifer’” says Keeper softy out loud in his eerily shallow voice. “That young spirit is an oddity at best, Dr. Bellus.”

“’Jennifer’” quotes the Doctor as he ponders for a few seconds on the name while he rubs his well maintain mustache. “Ah yes, Miss Jennifer Porterfield I believe. Indeed, that one does have a great deal of spunk in her. Why worry, she will be coming here shorty to join us I do believe, maybe tonight? Alas, no that would not be right by her if she did. Petty though, the younger ghosts especially the children do like to talk and play with her when she is in the mood, it does bring a smile to many of us older spirits to see such an event. I’m sure she is just fine.”

“Tim told her it would not be wise for her to do so because of what happen to her and with that girl in this living realm.”

“I still for one would wager she will come soon.” replied the Doctor with a smile. “She like many of us do not like being bottled up in that accursed “Tunnel”.”

As if right on cue, Keeper does detects Jennifer approaching back into the earth realm from the “Tunnel Of Light” itself. He then takes off swiftly towards Jennifer’s burial plot almost knocking down Dr. Bellus.

“By jove!” he cries out as he catches his fall. “Being so brisk now, I must say!”

Keeper lands right behind Jennifer’s grave maker just as he sees the ghost girl gently rise up from her burial plot with her arms folded across her chest and her eyes still closed the whole time until she is standing up right and takes a good long stretch. As she finally opens her eyes and looks around slowly, an expression of confusion comes to her face, which is quickly replaced by a look of great astonishment as Keeper lands swiftly right in front of her which then makes Jennifer jump back a few feet until the back of her legs all most touch her grave marker.

“Why I am I not surprised to see that you would defi Tim’s request at staying put in the “Tunnel of Light” young one!” demanded Keeper sourly.

“I am kinda surprised myself!” replied Jennifer with puzzlement as she looked around again. “A month has not gone by has it, it’s not the 28th  yet?”

“Truly, it is not.” replied Keeper bluntly this time. “You have only been gone for a few days now. You are much too early for your “Pilgrimage” back to this realm.”

“What?” exclaimed Jennifer in disbelief. “Oh, this is so messed up.  This never happen before, why I am back here against my will suddenly and at my own grave site and not at my “End-marker” back at the servant’s house? Wait, maybe this is because “Halloween” or  “All Soul’s Day’ is so close?”

“Perhaps.” replied Keeper in a calmer tone now.  “Or perhaps something to do with that Maggie girl and that strange item that was embed within you by her.”

“Maggie?!” exclaimed Jennifer.  “That little ….if she is responsible for this screw up somehow I’ll haunt her so bad that the meanest poltergeist will say; “Damn!””

“You will do nothing.” ordered Keeper calmly again as he could see Jennifer was becoming upset while he spread out his dark cowl fully as acting like a walk before her.

“Outta my way Mumm-ra!” demanded Jennifer in frustration as Keeper could now see her eyes begin glow that familiar whitish flame of her Banshee side as she tries to get by the supernatural graveyard guardian by phasing through him, however his power stops her from doing so.

“No!!” demanded Keeper now in a thunderous voice which appears to make the very air that surrounds them both kick up in a fury-like wind for a few seconds that makes Jennifer stop fast in her tracks. “I am the one who is responsible for you, to watch over you, to protect you especially from yourself! You will stay here within the protection of these hollowed grounds until Tim returns and we will find out what is going on about here! Do you understand this, child?”

“Yes, sir.” says Jennifer softly as she looks down as if her parents themselves were scolding her like a child. “Geez, your like my dad.”

Keeper takes off within a gruff toward the other side of the cemetery as Jennifer watches him. She then leans again her grave marker within a disappointing sigh.

 Next she just happens to spot a large crimson maple leaf begin its fall from its tree near her plot, she reaches out for it carefully and by no great shock it goes right through her hand as if it was not there at all, she lets out another a sigh again.

To her and many other ghosts, the inability of not being capable to touch things physically that you once could when you were still alive has been one of the many hardest drawbacks of being dead.  

For Jennifer in particular, the dread of being alone is very hard for her at times as she now notices that there are no other fellow ghosts in this section of the cemetery at the moment and that old morbid feeling of being isolated comes quickly over her, the same feeling that even hunted her back when she was alive and now at times when she is back in “The Tunnel” itself.

She then takes her headphones puts them back over her ears and hits the “Play” button on her Walkman tape player, then places both of her hands into her jeans jacket pockets and begins to walk toward where Keeper flew off to.

“He maybe “Mr. Scary” to all of us.” says Jennifer to herself about Keeper’s terrifying appearance as the song “You can do magic” by America comes on over her headphones. “But, at least he’s somebody to talk too.”

Maggie opens up the old oak door that was a side entranceway to the main house on the “Lovern” estate and walks inside with Coralline, Niccole and Sara following right behind her as they come into servant’s kitchen.

Coralline immediate takes a deep breath as she looks around the place and takes a seat next to the butcher’s block wooden table.

“Yes.” she exclaims. “This place is ripe with black magic and…death?”

“Well that’s no surprise there.” replied Niccole. “This is the very house were the last family lived here tried to run a bed a breakfast place and ended up killing each other when they tried to extort the dark spirits that once hunted this place.”

“And you know who did have a house here before this estate was built?” asked Coralline. “Jenny Greenteeth herself, of course her house was burned down after they killed her and it would be years before anyone would dare to build here again. Her house was gone, but the trees, the very ground itself is still saturated with her powers. Can’t you feel it, Maggie? You must, this is of course your home away from your real home.”

“Not really.” said Maggie even though she was lying, she can indeed feel the warm energy coming from the surrounding magic, however she did a great job at staying away where the power was strongest at so it would not corrupt her. When she first came here her and got her powers for some reason her benefactor made sure that the dark magic here did not get absorbed by her that night and still on ward.

“Where are the others?”  asked Coralline within a laugh.  “This is where we would all meet, whether it be “in thunder, lighting or in rain”.”

“Which is nether, the sky is clear and the stars are bright, they’ll be here soon.”  replied Niccole as she turned on a light in the next room which was the main dinning room.  “They do not want to miss this.”

“No, not to miss this “hurly-burly” as my grandmother would say.” added Coralline with a smile as she and the others join Niccole as she wiped off the thick layer of dust on the long cherry wood table and placed a leather mat in its center.

“What are going to use?” asked Maggie. “A Ouija board?”

“No, something much stronger.” replied Coralline as she opened up her backpack and placed a large gray slate stone plate in the middle of the leather mat.

“I still can’t believe you have that.” said Sara as she looked over the stone plate. “I thought they were lost forever.”

“Many still think they are still lost, but my grandmother was able to get this one out of Europe before Hitler’s Special Security units or better known as the “S.S.”  got there hands on it when Hitler was collecting all kinds of magical items.”

“What is it?” asked Maggie.  

“When translated from Latin to English; “A Summit Plate”. It is part of set of magical alter items used to talk to the dead.” explained Sara. “It’s really powerful, as long as you have something that once belonged to former living person in which they lost and place it in the plate itself, it well force that spirit to come to where you are at with no choice, just as long they have not crossed over to the other side already that is.”

“And I have that covered.” replied Coralline as she pulled out a pair of car keys and toss them over to Maggie, however Sara snatches them in mid-air and gives off a shiver as she looks over them.
“These are Jennifer’s alright.” she exclaims in a chill as her eyes slightly roll in the back of her head as if she was going into a strange kind of trance.  “They go to the car that she and her oldest brother fixed up together and he gave to her as a high school graduation gift.”

“Wait a minute.” exclaimed Maggie as she takes the keys attached to a brown leather fob with the words; “Stars Wars” embedded in it and looks over them as Sara’s eyes come back down and she takes a deep breath. “Her brother still lives here in this town and runs that huge real estate firm. That brown classic car he has, a 1977 El Camino he drives around once in awhile. That’s Jennifer’s car?”

“That’s the one.” said Sara. “He keeps that car always in great shape.”

“Yeah I know.” said Maggie.

“The keys.” explained Coralline. “These are very special because Jennifer lost those keys one night while she was at a friend’s house and she had to walk home because her friend did not have a car and the girl’s parents were not home to offer a ride, but she never made to her own home in the end.”

“Guess what happen to her?” added Niccole with a bit of satire. “Got ghosted. The real sad part is that the car keys were found a few days later in the friend’s living room. Appears that the family cat was using them as a new toy. Must have fallen out of her pocket or something.”

“So how did you get them?” asked Maggie to Coralline with suspicion.

“I borrowed them.” replied Coralline with a slight wink in her right eye. “He won’t mind.”

“You mean you stole them.” corrected Maggie as she narrowed her eyes at her. “Not cool, man.”

“I said; “I borrowed them”.” said Coralline with a firmer tone this time. “He won’t miss them by the time we returned them, shall we begin now?”

                                                                           End Of Part II
Ghost Within The Machine Part 2
Maggie is force to seek help from others as the ghost-girl named; "Jennifer" wants to go after Maggie for disturbing her rest in the neitherworld. 

"Maggie" is belongs to AmateurUnleaded. 

Music that has inspired this chapter on this ongoing story: 

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 The Birthday Massacre: “Midnight”

 Cheap Trick: “Dream Police”

 Deep Purple: “Space Trucking”

 Fleetwood Mac: “Sara”

 Iron Maiden: “Powersalve”

Twisted Sister: “King of the Fools”

Doors: “The crystal ship”

Silent Force: “Goodbye my ghost”

Iron Maidan : “Heaven Can Wait”

P.O.D. : “Alive”

Heart: "These Dreams"

The Birthday Massacre: "Pale"

Shinedown: "The Crow and The Butterfly"

America: "You can do magic"

Steve Miller Band: "Abracadabra"

The Cult: "Sweet Soul Sister"

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Plants and Steel by JAFNOVA
Plants and Steel
The "Mighty Mo" (BB-63) in Honolulu, Hawaii.

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The battleship USS Missouri BB-63. by JAFNOVA
The battleship USS Missouri BB-63.
The battleship USS Missouri "Mighty Mo" (BB-63) in Honolulu, Hi. She is near the Pearl Harbor Memorial. She was the ship where the Japanese Imperial forces surrendered on in Tokyo Bay, Japan on 2 September 1945 marking the end of World War II. 

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Base of Gun Turrent Number Three of USS Arizona. by JAFNOVA
Base of Gun Turrent Number Three of USS Arizona.
If you look in the lower right corner of the photograph you can see the "rainbow" colors on the surface of the water. That is caused by the fuel oil that is still leaking out of the USS Arizona (BB-39) today. Years later after the ship was sunk in the attack by the Imperial Japanese military on Dec. 7th. 1941. The fuel oil that is seen at the Arizona memorial is called; "The Black Tears" or "Tears of the Arizona." 

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As for now, I'm back in Portland, Oregon on another assignment and I for one welcome feeling the cold air that came early this year. 

On a side note I'm hoping to have the next chapter to the "Ghost in the machine" story up sometime in the near future. Take care!
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