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Have to go on another assignment overseas, so I will not be on so much for awhile. But, will do my best to stay in touch when I can. Later.
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“I’m moving through some changes, I’ll never be the same, something you did touch me, there’s no one else to blame.”
                                                                      “Changes”  - YES


“Shall we begin now?” asked Coralline as she placed Jennifer’s car keys into the “Summit Plate”, an ancient Celtic magical gray stone plate used to summon a spirit by force if necessary to the plate’s current location.

Coralline was doing her best to contain her enthusiasm within her as she looked over every item on the table making sure everything was good to go.

“It has to be right, I refuse to fail again.” she thinks to herself as she looks into her note pad making sure her list and magic spell’s words were correct in translation. She then looks down at her black gothic style maxi dress. “Time to chance outfits.”

With that she snaps her fingers in her right hand and then as if it has taken on a life of its own, her dress appears to melt and shift as it reforms on her lean apple shaped body into a long black sorcery hood dress.

“Better.” she says smoothly out loud as she closely examines over herself while pulling down on the dress’s long sleeves then next donning the large hood over her head while keeping some of her black hair out.  “Mom’s garb fits me well.”

For the last few years she has been very passionate in her quest to become a full fledged wielder of the dark arts, even though she has been warned time and time again by others not too move too fast in her quest because the out come could be catastrophe for her.

The very agony of her past failures learning witch craft has always followed her especially when she failed in front of her mother and grandmother, all of them very powerful witches and all of them dead now. After a very powerful spell which they were in the middle of processing was interrupted when a group of male white magic users crashed the party hard and both her mother and grandmother along with a few other fellow witches from their coven were burned alive from the energy feed back from their spell and within seconds their bodies turned into gray ash and blew away into nothing.

Coralline witness it all happen right in front of her. The only reason she was not destroyed along with the others is she was not really involved with the disastrous spell itself and the white magic users saw pity on her after losing her mother and grandmother in the same night. A foolish mistake on their part Coralline still insists on.  

This indeed left her in a state of dolor for a while, however, in time she bounced back swearing not only to become a great dark magic user so she can join the fight against all users of the white magic, yet also because her mother’s and grandmother’s killers were all men, she would despise all of them too.

Niccole looks over at Coralline’s outfit as she puts her long blonde hair into a tight bun so it would be out of her way while she worked. She wished to herself that she had a wild dress or something like that. Right now the best she has on is her black tank top with matching black short skirt and web stockings.

Niccole has always envied Coralline in many ways ever since Coralline sought her out and showed her that she had “dormant” witch powers in her that were just inching to be awaken.

This fact alone took Niccole very much by surprise because there is no mention of any witches in her family. Yet, even though those powers are just waking up, she is nowhere as powerful as Coralline is. Niccole has just learned to have patience and hopefully one day she will become just as or more powerful than Coralline is and maybe tonight that will happen.

Sara was a little anxious to see what will happen here with this “Summit Plate” that Coralline brought here to night. Ever since she was told that her family has been from a long line a kind of “Necromancer “ and as she got older she could actually begin see and talk to the dead, she wanted to learn more than ever at how to do it better.

Sara never wanted to become a witch herself, even though she does likes dressing up in the Gothic look that they told her to do so if she wanted to be in the gang. Having said that, her fellow “sisters” of the coven are the best thing she could find in learning more of her powers.

Sara quickly glances over at Maggie while she appeared to be looking at something else in the next room, which was the main dining room. Sara hopes that what ever happens here tonight do not wreck their friendship. Deep down she is really hoping that Maggie will be so happy that the ghost that is haunting inside her mind is gone that she will say easily; “Yes.” in making out with her later on.

All the girls were members of a group called the; “Witches Lot” and they started to set up the candles, chairs and other items needed for the spirit summoning, all expect Maggie, Coralline wanted her right by her side as she took out a small pocket knife from her backpack, opened up the blade from its hilt and started to carve runes letters into the old maple hardwood butcher block table.

Maggie could tell that the these types of ruins where magically infused not just because the way they started to glow a yellowish hue as soon as Coralline was done writing the letter, yet Maggie could actually feel the magical power emitting from them, so she carefully kept her distance from the table, Coralline took notice of this.

“Still worried about the effect magic has on you, Maggie?” asked Coralline as she kept right on working at carving deeply into the hardwood.  “You can still be its master if you hone better on its properties. I’ve told you about this before.”

“I’m getting better at controlling my abilities.” explained Maggie. “But, I’ve told you its still hard to focus straight once the magic begins to enter me and I start my…”transmutation” as you called it, especially if its really strong magic.”

“I do understand about your fear of using magic.” Coralline assured her.  “I too was afraid of it when I was younger, but, now I’m much more self-assured at using it at my will.”

Coralline then finishes her writing, puts down her knife, then snaps her fingers in both hands and together she and Maggie who for one is just awestruck as she watches the old deep brown colored blood stains on the butcher’s block turn into a bright blood red color, break up into smaller blobs, then move quickly towards the carved runes and seep into the letters which then turn from the yellowish glow into a dark red.

“I will be its full master soon enough, I promise that.” added Coralline being forthright as she turned to Maggie. “Just like the promise to help you make contact with this person that gave you this ability of yours. Whoever or whatever this is.”

“Exactly.” exclaimed Maggie. “Whoever this is, I still have no idea where ever this person really is, just for odd some reason it feels as I know that this person is contacting me very far away.”

“Maybe this person is in another dimension, just a ghost, just like Jennifer is.” explained Sara as she lit one of the large four enchanted black candles that she set in each corner on the butcher block table, which also had magical runes that were made from jade stones embedded in their wax.

“I’m just not too sure at how Jennifer would even want to talk to or have her simply help me find this person as well.” said Maggie. “I mean as you described to me Sara back at school that ghosts have a way with talking to each other, but I don’t think this “person” is a ghost either or perhaps not a human being for that matter.”

“Which is why what we are doing here tonight with the Summit Plate and talking with the ghost is only part of the reason.” explain Coralline with concern as she takes her right hand and places it on Maggie’s right cheek. “The main reason is to get rid of Jennifer and her contact bond she has on you on this realm forever before she does any real harm to you. After all, she is no longer a living person, so she could be filled with desolation at simply seeing what you are doing by just simply being alive.”

“That…that doesn’t just feel right.” confessed Maggie in a worried tone. “Some of her memories that have been flashing back and forth through out my mind lately, she is in sorrow at times, yet her true nature doesn’t seem to be the kind of person to hurt anybody just straight out.  Don’t forget, when you did find me earlier in my car waiting for you guys to show up here I was pretty overwhelmed with grief because I just saw and felt Jennifer’s awful memory when she found out that her father had been diagnose with cancer and she believed was from the Agent Orange back when he was in the Vietnam War.”

“Yeah, but what freaked me out as I was claiming you down your behavior went from anguished to gleeful like a light switch when you suddenly started to talk about how you got front row tickets to a U2 concert as if I was your best friend.” explain Niccole as she held up her smartphone to Maggie which showed a webpage showing the Irish band’s tour history.  “I looked it up. The one you described, that was the “Joshua Tree Tour” and no way did you go to that show because you and the rest of us weren’t even born yet.”

“Yeah… but, wasn’t still a frecken’ awesome show!” replied Maggie now in an energetic tone as she grabbed Niccole by the upper shoulders and looked right at her with ebullient eyes. “I mean when they played; “With or without you” and everyone lit up their cigarette lighters in the stands and all of the small flames swayed slowly together in the dark stadium, it was so rad or when that guy jumped on the stage and tired to grab Bono’s arm which of course as you remember was in a cast because he broke his arm earlier on the tour and Bono shouted at the guy as security dragged him away; “’Don’t you touch my fucken’ arm!’ Ha, ha, ha!”

As soon Maggie stopped laughing, she slowly glanced around at everybody with a concern look on her face then she looked right back at Niccole.

“What was that?” asked Maggie with a little dread in her voice. “I just had no control there.”

“That was Jennifer, if I’m not mistaken.” replied Niccole still with a surprised expression on her face as she gently lowered Maggie’s arms. “Shit, it must have been because you just spoke in another girl’s voice I never heard before.”

“Those memories of when she was still alive are getting stronger. I told you this could happen and so did Sara, right?” asked Coralline as she looked right at Sara with a hard stare.

“Right.” replied Sara with coolness in her voice, while Maggie was still not impressed.    

“Most likely Jennifer the ghost who now has your own memories in her, chances are has a great envy of you. For many reasons, as I will give a better clarification other than for “simply being alive” as I said earlier. For example, for being free to go where and whenever you wish, to feel the warmth of the sun on you, the touch of another person and...” explained Coralline speaking now in a sensual tone as she then gracefully steps up to Maggie’s face, gently parted away the dark bangs of her hair and then took her lips and pressed then onto Maggie’s own in a deep passionate  kiss in which Maggie lets out a light pleasurable moan in the end as her face’s skin changed to a more flushed complexion. “To feel desire.”

“Hey!” shouted Niccole’s voice in Coralline’s mind as she used a spell to communicate by way of thought. “What are you doing? Why don’t you take off her top and suck on her tiny nipples for a bit while you’re at it?”

“Just making sure I have Maggie thinking we are truly going to help her getting rid of the ghost’s memories that plague her mind.” replied Coralline using the same spell back at Niccole’s mind. “If this goes well she will hopefully control the ghost named “Jennifer” and we will get our wish in seeking out the spirit of one of the most powerful witches here in the Northeast, “Jenny Greenteeth”. Just image the powers we could get if this works right.”

“Um, I’m also starting see some of the recollections when she first became a ghost.” said Maggie within a stammer as she tries to regain her composure after the sudden rush of amorous pleasure begins to slowly subside.  

“Such as?” asked Sara with curiosity.

“Yes, what are these visions like?” asked Niccole as she pressed the question while taking out a small red-clay pot filled with rich brown soil from her own black backpack.  

“Like when she was tightly gripping around her own head stone the first night she was a ghost and crying like a terrified child.” explained Maggie as she then wipes away a tear that just suddenly came out rolling out of her right eye. “See? Just thinking about that particular despairing memory alone makes me cry automatically and these are not my own emotionally drawn tears.”

“Newborn ghosts have a few growing pains to go through until they fully accept the sobering realism who and what they are now.” explained Sara. “We are ready now, Coralline.”

“Good.” replied Coralline as she took out her cell phone to check the time. “Where are the others?”

“I don’t know, maybe just a bit of more time to wait?” asked Sara. “Some of them do live in the next town you know.”

“We’ll wait a few more minutes.” said Coralline as she reached for the old car keys and put them in on of her black jeans pocket. “The four of us here is more than enough to do this spell really. Just one off beat question Maggie, how did you know about Jennifer’s car so well, is it one of her other memories that haut you as well?”

“Kinda, there is that and the fact that I really do like those classic muscle cars from that era.” explain Maggie. “’Retro’ is still cool, especially if you can drive it.”

“But, being driven to the point of madness because of someone’s else’s memories especially a dead ones is not cool and we will rid you of this ghost.” said Coralline as she looks at her watch. “Better we will wait ten more minutes, just to be sure.”

“Until then.” cries out Niccole as she jumps right in front of Maggie, starts dancing around and sings a few lyrics from a popular Cyndi Lauper song;

“’Some boys take a beautiful girl and hide her away from the rest of the world. I wanna be the one to walk in the sun…’”

At first Maggie is very confused at Niccole’s action until uncontrollably she too starts dancing around in a hip-hop style and picks right up on the song and sings;

“’ Oh, girls, they wanna have fun, oh girls wanna…Oh, shit!”

Maggie quickly stops dancing, clamps both hands over her mouth in disbelief, as she looks right at Niccole.

“Ha, my theory was right!” announced Niccole proudly. “A slight intimation and Jennifer’s memories take over you, they are getting stronger alright.”

“No shit, Sherlock!” protested Maggie after she lower her hands from her mouth only to put them right back over after she spoke with Jennifer’s voice and words again.  

The small Goth girl tries to speak once more and this time her own true voice and words are heard. “Oh God, I’m turning into a freak!”

“Enough!” ordered Caroline as she pointed to Maggie then Niccole. “Alright, no more waiting, Niccole, we have work to do.”

Niccole picks up the clay pot full of soil and brings it over to the table, she then scoops up a small amount in her hands and holds them over the Summit Plate.

“We just need a soupcon of the dirt from the graveyard itself that I have here.” explained Niccole as she started to sprinkled the dirt around the plate and over the candles.

“From “the graveyard”?” asked Maggie. “You mean this dirt if from the same place that Jennifer is buried?”

“Yup.” replied Niccole as she finished up. You see the dirt is from the very hallowed grounds where Jennifer’s body is laid in and it gives off a form of its own mystical energy that the custom designed magic from the Summit Plate will help it home on exactly who we are looking for and bring the ghost right to us.”

“And these keys will not only help in making the spell even stronger in guiding the ghost here, but also make sure that the ghost will do are bidding as well.” added Caroline as she puts the keys belonging to Jennifer’s own car back into the plate and makes a few strange hand gestures over the whole table. “Now lets see what happens next.”

No sooner than she finished talking that a strange glowing wispy mist come out of the plate itself and enveloped the keys within it. The keys themselves begin to levitate just a few inches above the plate as number of runes appears in the plate admitting reddish glow while at the same time the jaded runes embedded in the candles begin to glow a bluish color.

“I and my fellow sisters of the dark ways acknowledge your present my fellow servant!” said Caroline with pithy as she and the other girls held their arms outward, all expect Maggie. “Do our bidding and bring forth the very spirit we wish to make contact with so that she may aid us in our quest in serving our Master better with his ultimate mission against man!”

Instantly smoke matching the same color from the glow of each of the runes shoots out of them, rising above the butcher-block table and form into the shape of a large star polygon on the ceiling in multi-colors.

“We have equilibrium within the spell, the forces are set!” cried out Caroline to the others as she then shouts up to the polygon just as an eerie sounding breeze begins to circulate and howl inside the room. “Go and bring the ghost known as “Jennifer Porterfield” who is need of these keys and bring her to us!”

Within the sound of a light echoing <PUFF!> the polygon disappears from view.

“Now what?” asked Sara.

“Now we wait.” replied Caroline.


As nighttime finally grips the sky over the cemetery, Jennifer carefully watches the night watchman come out of his office, which was across the street from the cemetery’s main entranceway. He was about to start his first round of the evening by first turning on the gas-power lanterns that lined up by the entranceway itself, then checks the locks on the old wrought iron gate making sure they were secured. Little did he know that Jennifer and a few other female ghosts where looking right at him as he gave each of the locks a hard yank. All of them invisible to his eyes thanks to the “Barrier” that keeps all the spirits who’s bodies dwell within the grounds of the graveyard to stay put most of the time or to protect them from outside forces. The guard then pulled out his flashlight and walked away from the gate heading toward the old red brick building where the grounds fleet of hearse cars and maintenance tractor were stored at.

“He’s cute.”  admitted Jennifer within a dreamy sigh as she looked on with her face pressed against the invisible barrier as the young man walk away from view.

“I said you would like him.” said one of the other female ghosts who goes by the name of Amy who was technically the same age as Jennifer was, however, she died from a bad case of influenza back in the winter of 1898. “He started to work here about a month ago.  I heard he is studying to be a chef.”

“Really?” replied Jennifer as she lightly licked her upper lip and gave a sultry smile back to Amy. “I’d love to make a hot meal outta him.”  

“Oh, Jennifer.” exclaimed Amy with a soft laugh at the end as she covers her month. “You can be so bold at times, never would I’d be allow to have make such talk, especially out in the open public. It wasn’t socially acceptable for a woman to do so in my day.”

“I was born about…seventy years after you died, different generation.” explained Jennifer proudly as she raised both fists in the air. “Generation X, baby! Girl power, whoo-hoo!”

“Whoo-hoo!” said Amy proudly copying Jennifer then laughing again.

As most of the ghost-girls are now laughing together, “Keeper” the one individual who was responsible for the welfare and security of all the ghosts in the cemetery itself makes his approach to them.

“Well, if it isn’t Mr. Scary.” said Jennifer referring to Keeper’s appearance as to looking like Death himself, dressed in a dark ragged cowl with a hood that covers most of his boney face and armed with a large scythe that he rested on his right shoulder.

“Good evening Mr. Keeper of the graves.” added Amy in a respectable tone.

Keeper does not say a word at first as he looks over the entranceway himself to make sure it was locked up and then he turns to the girls.

“Tim?” he spoke in his dreaded voice, which gave both Jennifer and Amy a small chill.  “He has not returned as of yet?”

“Nope.” said Jennifer as she stepped up to Keeper. “I’ve been hanging around the gate just to make sure I see him as soon as he gets back so I can ask if he knows why I was brought back to the Earth realm so early and to ask him about that strange alien magical sphere he found in me a few nights ago.”

“Indeed.” replied Keeper as he looked up at the star filled sky. “Troubling.”

“Jennifer.” said Amy in a surprised tone. “Be truthful, you’re just here with the rest of us girls to check out that new guard’s buttocks.”

“I’m shocked, Amy!” cried out Jennifer with satire as she lightly placed her left hand on her right breast. “Such words from a lady of such high stature.”

Both girls busted out laughing again including few near-by male ghosts, which left Keeper in a slight state of confusion for a moment.

“I will not play no part in your childish games.” protested Keeper as he stood up to his full height. “Jennifer, I request that……?”

Jennifer and the others notice that Keeper was quite all of the sudden and was looking around quickly, that bothered a few of them.

“Mr. Keeper?” asked Amy. “Is there a problem?”

“Yeah.” added Jennifer as she looked around in the sky. “What’s up?”

Keeper suddenly glances down at the two and slams the butt-end of his scythe into the ground and looks all around him.

“Something wicked this way comes.” he says in a lower voice.  “As Tim would say.”

“’Something wicked the way comes’.” quoted Jennifer as she slightly looked to the right of her in puzzlement about Keeper’s words. “Wasn’t that a movie back in the early 80’s, Keeper?”

“I mean there is a force of dark magic in the air near here, I can sense its approach.”  explained Keeper as he now picked up his scythe  and spun it around a few times.

“You mean you feel a “disturbance in the force”?” asked Jennifer with a grin.

“Be serious here and now child.” demanded Keeper as he was still looking around in the night sky. “ This could be a harassment to us here.”

No sooner than Keeper finished his sentence that the polygon appears at the edge entranceway of the main gate and now it’s big enough to block the entire entranceway its self.

“What is that?” cries out Amy in fear.

“ A portal stalker.” says Keeper with alarm.  “I have not seen one in over a hundred years. It must be after one of us.”

Every ghost cries out in furor as the polygon starts to quickly spin around until it forms into a eight foot tall twister and in a quick swoop it penetrates the “Barrier” and goes right after Jennifer and Amy.  

Keeper gets in between the twister and the two girls, taking a few swipes at the twister with his scythe the strange looking magical power tornado stops advancing for a few seconds only to move gain and jump right upon Keeper before he could defend himself. Keeper is thrown like a fastball from a pitcher as he is whipped away into the night sky.

“We’ve been breached!” warns one of the ghosts who happen to be an old Army general as he flies away way with a few others in commotion. “Everyone scatter, we don’t know who its really after yet!”  

Both Amy and Jennifer take off into the air in opposite directions hoping to add the confusion to the strange anomaly, which has now invaded their place of sanctuary in the realm of the living.

The bizarre looking spiral goes right after Jennifer instantly, she tries her best to get away from the twister by flying as fast as she could go, though it followed her everywhere she went, flying and phasing through along the way from objects ranging from trees, large and small grave markers, statues and even a maintenance pick-up truck which was then tossed like toy as the twister bumped it out of its path.

Finally when it was close enough to Jennifer, she could feel herself being sucked into the twister like smoke to a vacuum cleaner. She lets out a yell for help until she is brought into it fully, then the twister collapses on it-self and disappears into nothing.

Keeper lets out a growl in anger just he was able to make it back to the cemetery finally and sees what just happen to the ghost-girl.

“Where did it take her?” he said out loud angrily as he looks around. “What enchantments fall here tonight?”


At the Lovern Estate grounds, inside the servant’s house at the main bedroom where Jennifer’s life ended years ago, still to this day the yellow painted “body chalk” outline that marked where the young woman’s body once laid undiscovered for days, the very wooden floor within the “evidence outlining” suddenly peels away like tissue paper, a spinning vortex appears within it.

Suddenly Jennifer comes flying out of the strange swirl at a great speed as if a slingshot aided her. The next thing she realizes is that she is stuck to the ceiling right above her “body chalk” marker like if she was a wad of gum.

“What the shit?” she says in disbelief in a muffled voice with the right side of her cheek pressed against the ceiling. She slightly manages to turn her head around and look right down to the floor and see the wood that was within her “chalk line” reappearing solid again and the vortex was gone.

Jennifer knows right away where she is. She has to come to this very room on very twenty-eighth day of every month for over twenty years in order to fulfill part of the curse she is under left by her killer. However, until now, she has always comes back into this realm through her body’s “chalk-line” or in the netherworld is referred as; “The End-Marker”.

“This is so messed up right now.” she says out loud as she starts to pull herself free from the ceiling.

Even now the very noise she makes which sounded closely like Velcro, was exactly like the very same sound which normally only happens when she is within her “chalk-line” and happens when freeing herself from the wooden floor after she returns to the realm of them living. The reason for this oddity is because one of the many strange rules from the netherworld is that when you return to the land of the living through the land of the dead you will most likely be temporary bonded to the last thing that your physical body was touching in life. For Jennifer it was the wooden floor.

As now she hangs from the ceiling by both of the palms of her hands, the ghost gives herself a couple of tugs downward and is freed.

However, instead of just simply landing on the wooden floor as she planed just by thinking; “Don’t phase.” within the chalk line itself. By much to her own surprise she falls right through the floor within the chalk line like nothing, then right through another living quarters below and then finally falls into the basement and stops right there landing on her butt.

“I shouldn’t be in here.” Jennifer says in a now terrified voice as she looks around the completely dark room as her own aura gives off a low emanating blue light.

No sooner than she said that, she heard the sounds in the dark that she never wanted to hear so close to her. The sounds of hissing, teeth grinding, claws clicking, sinister laugher and then the awful voices calling out to her;

“Ours, ours, ours, ours, ours.”

Jennifer now horrified looks all around wildly for which of the terrifying voices were the closest as they were growing louder and now all around her.

“’Be afraid, be very afraid.’” says Jennifer out loud to try to humor herself as she’s quotes from one of the last movies she saw before her death and she wishes it was only just about a guy who turned into a huge gross fly she had to worry about.

She quickly looks to her right at a sharp sound, when a Reaper appears instantly next to her left, its humanoid body which looked like its skin was made of the embers from burning wood, red-glowing eyes and was the size of a small child while bathed within a glow of red-orange light shrieks out just one word before it pounces on the ghost-girl;


The horrendous beast and others from all directions jump right on Jennifer, she fights hard to get them off of her because these particular low-level demons have one and one purpose only and that is to catch good or bad spirits who are not under any protection and drag them to Hell. A strong clean spirit like Jennifer’s is a great prize to them.

Jennifer manages to break free, she quickly flies up to the ceiling and phases right through it, then the next one above, yet just as she was about to get fully phase through her “Dead-end Marker” in the floor, several pairs of demon claws grab her legs and lower section of her body just as she was pulling the rest herself up through the floor.

More and more Reapers quickly joined in at pulling down on her legs while Jennifer was starting to weaken from her grip on to the floor and slips slightly back into it.

“This is it!” she cried out loud in terror to herself. “I’m fucked! No! No!! Dad help!!”

One of the Reapers then leaps onto her back and with one of its long claw-like hands snatches entirely around her face and started to yank her completely back down into the floor.

Then the very twister that brought her here in the first place appeared right above her, its powerful vacuum force plucks Jennifer free from her captors who scream in anger as twister carries their catch away to safety as it next flies through the room into the fireplace, up the chimney stack and to the outside.

The twister then drops Jennifer off on the ground twenty feet away from the front of the servant house’s door and once again disappears into the night sky.

She has no idea how or why the twister came back, she does know she’s safe now from the Reapers. For the next few minutes Jennifer cries to herself while lying on her left side curled up in a fetal position.

“It burns, it burns.” she says referring to the painful touch that comes from being grabbed by Reapers.

“Daddy why did you leave me behind when you moved on to the “Other Side”?” she asked to herself the question that she has been asking for years. “Shit, shit, shit. That was so close.”

After some more time passed, she got a hold of herself again, got up and stood as tall as she could wiping her face off at the same time.

“You’re not some helpless little girl here, Jen.” reminded herself as she started to walk towards the main house. “You’ve seen and been through worst passing through the “Underworld”. Whoever just called me here by force, is going to get it and get it good! And I bet Maggie has something to do with this.”

Maggie shivers suddenly all over suddenly and touches her face as if she was looking for something.”

“What’s wrong?” asks Sara with concern.

“I don’t know.” replied Maggie as she shivered again. “I just felt as if something cold was all over me and felt something scratched at my face afterward.”

“I think Jennifer is here.” said Sara to Coralline. “If Maggie is acting this way.”

“Oh really?” asked Coralline as she looked all around the room. “Where? I don’t see or feel her anywhere.”

Coralline then walks up to the table and puts both of her hands over the Summit Plate before she spoke again her voice had a more distance echoed tone to it now.

“Jennifer?” requested Coralline as her eyes glowed a light hue. “If you are here show yourself or say something to us.”

“Maggie?” Jennifer’s voice shouted into the room from an open window leading to the outside next to Niccole and Maggie. “If your inside there, come on out so I can kick your sorry living butt!”

“Jennifer’s spirit is indeed here.” said Sara with a gleam in her eyes.

“I wasn’t expecting a reply like that.” admitted Coralline.

Everyone ran to the window that was next to the front door and looking out they see Jennifer the ghost for the first time who was standing firm with both of her fists clinched about twenty feet back from the front porch stairwell.

“Well…wow.” said Niccole as she stared right at the ghost in amazement. “It really worked, the plate that is.”

“Is that her Maggie?” asked Coralline.

“Yeah, that’s her alright.” she replied with a concern face. “Ghost and all.”

“She doesn’t look too happy if you ask me.” said Sara as she studied the ghost.

“If you were dragged here against your will, I don’t think you’d be happy ether.” added Maggie.  

“Lets see if we can still control her now.” said Coralline as she reached for the front door’s knob. “Ready?”

Jennifer looks up at the front door while narrowing her eyes as she watched it open up, next the four girls come out and walk up to the edge of the porch’s staircase. She then shows a small expression of vexation when she spots Maggie come walking outside as she now moves both her hands into the pockets of her jean jacket.

“You are Jennifer Porterfield, are you not?” demanded Coralline as she pulled off her hood then folded her arms across her chest.

“I’ am who I’ am.” replied Jennifer as she gave a light shrug while keeping both of her hands in her jean jacket’s pockets.

“Where do you live?” asked Coralline as she pressed her own interrogation.

“On 2112 Wolfrun Road just off of Cedarwood Drive.” replied Jennifer bluntly.

“What?” asked Coralline as she looked at Maggie with puzzlement.

“It’s the place she lived with her family before she died.” explained Maggie. “It’s in the upper side of town.”

“I see.” replied Coralline softly before she looked right back at the ghost-girl and asked her another question. “I mean where do you live now? Where does your physical body lay within the earth, spirit?”

Jennifer glances right over at Coralline with resentment for a second before giving in and answers within a sigh.

“Plot Number 237 in the Timberline section at Ironwood Cemetery.” replied Jennifer.

“What else?” demanded Coralline. “Your mother wanted to have you buried at that certain plot for a reason, Yes?”

“It was suppose to be Plot 217.” answered Jennifer with some hesitation. “The reason for the move to Plot 237 was that my mother wanted the early morning sunlight to hit my grave-marker. She knew I loved watching the sunrise when I was a child. There is a child murder now laying in Plot 217 and it reeks evil.”

“’Redrum’.” quoted Niccole almost in a whisper as she leans over to Coralline’s right ear while smiling. “Hint, hint.”

“What was that?” asked Jennifer quickly as she looked directly at Niccole with her eyes narrowed.

“Nothing.” replied Niccole as she taken a bit off guard at Jennifer’s robust response.

“I thought you said; “Murder” or something like that.” Jennifer added quickly.

“She did not like that one, Coralline.” warned Sara. “Ask her something else, something maybe subtle.”

“Oh, and that look of yours is so 1980’s, girl.” said Coralline mocking at Jennifer’s clothes. “I mean High-Top sneakers, jeans jacket with matching snug Jordache jean paints and a T-shirt with the bold letters; “Relax”? Seriously, get with the times.”

“That’s not what the hell I meant in being “subtle”.” grumbled Sara.  “You really like hurting people alive or dead, don’t you?”

Jennifer looks down at herself then right back at Coralline with an angry expression now on her face.

“Drop dead.” the ghost-girl scoffs at Coralline who was simply dumbstruck at what was just said to her, until she hears Sara’s laughter.

“Wow.” says Sara within a light giggle. “A ghost telling you to “drop dead”, not a good way to start off, huh?”

Coralline gives Sara once again a sharp glance only this time with glowing red eyes and a low growl like a cat which makes Sara quickly stop at her laughing.  

“Look.” said Niccole as she stepped forward of Coralline to speak to Jennifer. “Let’s start over, alright? We are need of your help.”

“My help?” asked Jennifer as she put her left hand on her hip. “What does a living girl want with a dead girl?”

“Ah ha, here we go.” said Niccole out-loud in a whisper before speaking up again. “You and Maggie had a unfortunate crossing with each other paths and both of you are suffering with each others images of the past, correct?”

“Yeah, I’m aware of her thoughts.” said Jennifer with compassion as she glanced over to Maggie. “Still feel bad about your parents getting a divorce and thinking it’s all your fault, its not. At least I don’t think so.”

Maggie’s eyes open wide, however, does not say a word as all three girls look over at her then back at Jennifer.

“But, these damn images of you making out with other girls, especially with that one tall brunette girl on the cheer leader squad doesn’t turn me on at all and the really weird part with that particular fantasy is you appear to be even taller than her. I can’t figure that one out at all.”

“Hey, wait a second!” protested Maggie as she jumped in front of the other girls. “Don’t judge me on that stuff alone and you want to see something really wild about size, check this out!”

Maggie promptly reaches for her leather pouch that she carries on her belt for one of her magical charms inside until both Coralline and Niccole stop her doing so.

“Not here!” order Niccole. “It will only complicate things if you do this!”

“It could even affect the power to the Summit Plate itself and if we loose the ghost then your stuck with her thoughts in your head maybe forever.” added Coralline as she takes away Maggie’s pouch. “I’ll hold on to this.”

“You wanted to have sex with Janet Corbel, the head cheerleader?” asked Sara with disappointment.

“I mean come on, Maggie.” Jennifer continued on with a serious face. “You’re a girl. Don’t you ever have the urges to smell a boy, to taste his skin, to bang him?”

“My current situation is a lot more complicated than what you may know already about me, especially what you think you know about me and my parents!” protested Maggie who was clearly upset. “Besides, don’t talk so high and mighty about fucking guys, you died a virgin.”

“She did?” asked Coralline to herself. “Oh, this does work for me so much the better.”

“I was saving myself for marriage by way of my faith.” replied Jennifer bluntly. “And a promise to my Mom and grandmother.”

“Maggie clam down.” requested Sara as she grabbed her friend’s right hand. “This back and forth sniping, this not helping at all.”

Sara then walks off the porch and looks up at Jennifer.

“Jennifer, I know and understand that you’re not happy about your ghostly-walk pattern being disturbed, but please may I be the one to ask you a serious question?”

“Sure.” said Jennifer with a clam smile as she looked down at the small girl.

“Please, can I invite you to come inside this house?” Sara requested. “We need to talk about this trouble between you and Maggie. I assure you she doesn’t want to keep your memories in her mind and nether do you. We can stop this tonight and I’ve been told you just like your bothers in life have always been taught to help those in need. It’s part of your being and part of your faith that you have been raised in since birth.”

Jennifer is quite for a moment as she looks around the house then right at Sara.

“I would welcome your invitation to enter, but I can’t.” replied Jennifer.

“Why?” asked Sara with confusion. “You are allowed to enter one’s house hold when invited, yes?”

“True, that is one way.” replied Jennifer as she looked up at the others. “However for one, this is not your real house, is it? Two, there is a dark force very close by the place that I have been warned not to near with. Three, and this is the big one right now and that is you don’t see what is right by your left leg do you?”

Sara looks down and sees nothing there. She and the others look again to only see some dead leaves move slightly as if a light breeze was going by.

“I don’t see anything.” said Sara as Jennifer slightly bends down and leans closer to her.

“See what my eyes see.” explained Jennifer as she gently takes her right hand puts it right over Sara’s own eyes. As soon as the ghostly hand covers her eyes fully and can see through it, Sara is in aghast and lets out a slight yell as she now sees a small yet terrifying humanoid creature called a; “Reaper” leaning against her leg, snipping its sharp teeth and snarling at her first then right at Jennifer.

“ that a..a Reaper?” shouted Sara in disbelief. “Shit, they’re real?”

“So, you do know what they are?” asked Jennifer as she kicks away the Reaper from Sara’s leg . “I’m impressed and yeah they are very real to the likes of me and as you can see there are a lot of them around here. Surprised that they aren’t coming right after me anymore.”

“They keep you guys at bay, right?” asked Sara.

“Something like that.” explained Jennifer as she showed more of the Reapers to Sara as they huddled around the steps to the house looking as if they were ready do jump Jennifer.

“Right now, these ones won’t let me inside, unless the one person who currently living in side the house asks me to come in.”

Everyone including Jennifer look right at Maggie. She knows she has to be the one to ask the ghost now because this old empty house has been her home away from real home because living at her real house has been very difficult lately because of her parents fighting.

“Jennifer.” asked Maggie humbly while the other girls stepped away to clear a path to the door. “Would you please come inside my house. “Please, I invite you to enter.”

“Sure and thank you.” responded Jennifer with another smile as she sees the Reapers become silent and slowly depart away from the steeps, some even seep back down into the ground from where they came, yet they still all eye the clean spirit like a hungry predator to its prey.

As Jennifer walks by the girls now Niccole calls out a question to her.

“What’s a “Reaper”?”

Like with Sara, Jennifer steps back, covers the Niccole’s eyes with her hand and Niccole sees a Reaper looking right at her just as it seeps out of the wooden awning above her, takes a nip at her shoulder in which she does not feel and hisses at her as it seeps into the floor by her feet which makes Niccole jump back in reaction.

“They are not happy with you guys right now.” explained Jennifer with a grin. “Nor I.”

“I’ll say.” added Sara with concern as she looked around.

As Jennifer walks up to very edge of the doorway going into the house, she suddenly stops and appears to become very dizzy as if she is ill and staggers around of a second as her aura dims slightly.

“What’s wrong?” asks Maggie with concern. “You don’t look so hot?”

Jennifer glances over to Maggie as she regains herself composure and her ghostly light returns to her.

“I’m fine, you have something that belongs to me inside.” said Jennifer as she points into the house. “Don’t you?”

“Yes, we do.” answered Niccole as she carefully holds up her right hand to Jennifer’s back side, she then is in awe as she watches the end of her finger tips go into the ghost-girl’s body and her hand emanates a low glow matching Jennifer’s own.

“And if you help us.” added Coralline as she comes up right next to Jennifer. “You will get it back before dawn. If that is what you wish in the end.”

Jennifer doesn’t say a word just gives Coralline a hard look, until she walks into the house; she then follows Maggie and the others through the large house until they come upon the main kitchen’s door.

Coralline goes first into the kitchen door and keeps it open for the other girls; expect Jennifer who once again stops with hesitation.  

“Waiting out here will not give you what you seek.” said Coralline on the other side of the door.

As soon as Jennifer phases through the old oak door she lets out a gasp in shock as she sees her long lost car keys still setting in the Summit Plate with an eerie glow still around them.

“It can’t be.” she says in disbelief as she walks closer to the plate. “Do you have any idea how long I’ve been looking for those?”

“For sometime now.” answered Sara.

“Just do what we tell you to do and their yours.” said Coralline with a grin.

“What do you want from me?” asked Jennifer as she continued to stare at the keys in wonderment. “Ask me.”

“First.” said Niccole as she offered a wooden servant’s chair next to the butcher-block table. “Please take a seat with the rest of us”

In which Jennifer does along with the rest of the girls as Coralline sat right next to the ghost.

“We want you to bring the spirit of the witch known as “Wicked Jenny” back to this realm or at least have her make contact with us.” requested Coralline as she looked right at Jennifer.

“Say what?” responded Jennifer in disbelief as she shot straight up and looked at Coralline. “Are you mad? My spirit is worth more than that!”

“No, I’m serious here.” said Coralline as she reached over and snatched up the keys from the plate.  “And these with make me force you to do so.”

“Like the heck I will!” protested Jennifer. “Everyone knows who she is at the graveyard”. I know her damn soul is entombed there forever! I also know that she has something to do with that dark force that is right here on these estate grounds.”

Coralline then holds her right arm out which is holding on to the keys and like a strings to a puppet Jennifer holds out her right arm as well, much to her surprise.

“What the crap?” protested Jennifer as she fights to regain control of her arm only to have her left arm lock the other way out. “What’s going on?”

“It’s a spell called; “Spirit Manipulation” and I placed it on your keys the right before I used the Summit Place to call you here. Now you will do as I say.”

“What the shit is going on?” demanded Maggie with sober as she shot up from her chair. “This wasn’t part of the plan!”

“Oh, sweet Maggie.” addressed Coralline as she held up her right arm over her head in which Jennifer did as well in unison “I’m just changing the plan for a bit because if we get Jenny to come to us. I know she will most likely have the power and knowledge to find this person you want to find about your powers.”

“I don’t believe you!” cried out Maggie. “Can’t believe I was so dumb.”

“First smart thing you said here tonight.” grumbled Jennifer in disgust. “I hope you’re not this gullible all the time.”

“Niccole?” asked Maggie to the blonde girl who just stayed quite as to say she made her choice in what she was going to do.

“Sara?” Maggie asked next whose face was muddled. “Sorry, but like you, I’m seeking answers. Please don’t be mad.”

“Listen to me!” ordered Jennifer in a disapproving tone as she still struggled to regain control of herself.  “What you are asking me to do is wrong.  I’m not supposed to be the one to awake her, your wasting your time on this. You need a real powerful group of magic users to even try to break her bonds. Release me!”

“Coralline!” ordered Maggie. “Stop this…or I’ll make you.”

“Or what?” said Coralline as she held up Maggie’s leather pouch that she took earlier.

“Your stuck as you are. Ghost, tell me what is this so-called; “Dark Force” you mention.”

“I was told by my fellow spirits at the cemetery that the massive servant made of clay and stone known as the Golem is buried here on these very grounds a few years ago.” explained Jennifer.

“The Golem is here?” asked Coralline in disbelief as she held up her hand holding the keys tightly. “Where? I order you.”

“Buried deep in the hole that use to be the outdoor pool.” replied Jennifer thru grit teeth.

“Yes, I’ve heard all about that guy, last seen roaming in the muskeg areas years ago.” said Coralline. “Can you at least awaken it?”

“What’s this Golem guy?” asked Sara. “And why should we wake him up?”

“It was a huge powerful servant of Jenny’s years back.” explain Coralline. “My grandmother told me about it. Jenny made it as a joke to scare the townsfolk years ago. It was made of dirt and clay, just like the Hebrew story. You can see that Jenny had a pretty sick sense of humor.”

“So why should we awaken it instead of Jenny herself?” asked Sara again.

“Because for one thing; It would be easier right now to take control of the Golem than seeking out Jenny herself because we really don’t have enough experienced people here to fight off Jenny if something does goes very wrong. The next thing is, I was also told that even though the Golem had a mind of its own, Jenny would sometimes control it herself like a puppet.” explained Coralline as an evil grin came to her.  

“If we can wake it up and control the thing with the same spell of “Spirit Manipulation” just adjust the spell here and there to where we can control its ability to think on its own, we can use it to get what we need and once we find the right spell and have as many witches here as possible, the chances of summoning Jenny here correctly is better and the perhaps the Golem’s body could be use to put Jenny’s spirit in there for safe keeping until we find a better human body for her.”

“I don’t think Jenny would be happy to be inside something like that.” warned Niccole.

“It would be a vast improvement to where she is at right now in being stunk in the Earth.” said Sara.  “For how many years now?”

“This whole thing right now is just a bit shaky if you ask me.”  added Niccole. “I don’t like it.”

“Jennifer I ask you again. Can you awaken this Golem?” asked Coralline as she held the keys up to her.

“I don’t know exactly how, except I was told by Tim the Enchanter not to ever cross over the magical seal that was placed around the tomb of the Golem itself. The seal was placed by a coven of white magic users. Because my ghostly nature, it may inherently trigger the Golem’s awaken. Also, because of the very reason that my “End-Marker” is so close to the tomb, I was ordered to never ever go near that tomb.” said Jennifer struggling to speak out the words. “So, I won’t do it, so bite me bitch!”

“Wait!” protested Coralline as she stepped right up to the ghost-girl’s face. “”Tim the Enchanter”? “As in Monty Python”?”

“Yeah.” said Jennifer with a smirk. “That’s what he calls himself, at least to me and the other ghosts anyway and he can conjure up some crazy fireballs, especially after he has some chill and beer mixed in him.”

“Oh, let me guess.” replied Coralline with bitter satire. “I bet Gandalf, Merlin and Dumbledore show up at the graveyard every now and then and they pass the old pipe around while recalling the old times of bright magical days and dragon fiery nights!”  

Well, I did find out that Tim was a student of Merlin long ago at the school of Caerbannog and he does go to these meetings with other wizards called; “The Gathering”.” explained Jennifer.  “And who the heck is…Dumbdwarf? Sounds like a bad name for a “Dungeon and Dragons” character.”

“That’s Dumbledore!” protested Coralline. “From the Harry Potter books.”

Jennifer just gives the all dressed in black girl a puzzled look back.

“Coralline.” reminded Sara. “Jennifer wasn’t around after that crazed took off.”

“Be grateful that you were spared from that.” warned Coralline to Jennifer.

“I don’t know about that.” replied Jennifer. “Let me read the books and I’ll get back to you on that.”  

“Coralline.” protested Maggie in anger. “This is wrong on so many levels!”

Coralline glances over at Maggie with her eyes in a red glow in which throws a spell on Maggie that causes her to fly through the air, land hard into the wall on the other side of the kitchen and her whole body is stiff like a stone statue.

“A little something I’ve been saving for you, Maggie.” said Coralline as she speaks in a low eerie voice. “A custom spell that I had made just for you. The way it affects you, you ask?  Simply it works in a way so you can’t absorb its power into yourself to give you your boost of power.”

Coralline then tights her grip onto the car keys to the point that the keys were going to break her skin. This causes the magic that is affecting Jennifer to become stronger as her ghost form becomes more evanescence as she slowly drops to her knees and let out a small yell in pain. As a ghost she can’t feel pain the same way she did back when she was alive, however the “pain” she now feels all over herself, there are just no words to simply describe it to one who is still alive.

“You will do as I order you to do so.” said Coralline still in her terrifying voice. “Go and awaken Jenny’s servant now.”

“No!” cried out Jennifer as she hulled into a ball. “I won’t!”

“You have no free will now if you ever did that is.” said Coralline.  “Do as I say, now!”

Jennifer fights on for a little more until she yields to the dark enchanting forces that surround her aura giving it a greenish tint to it. Once more, like strings to a puppet, they make her stand up and force her to walk towards the wall where Maggie was still ebbed in it.

“You are going to be sorry about this in so many ways.” warns Jennifer bitterly as she never looks back at Coralline. “I promise you that. Moral people are not supposed to be messing with this kinda shit.”

“That’s why were using you, dead girl.” added Coralline quickly.  

Just as Jennifer is about to phase through the wall Maggie who is right next to there says;

“I’m sorry about this. I didn’t want anything like this.”

“Don’t you worry.” says Jennifer as she starts to go through the wall and gives Maggie a smile as she points to her head for a second then her chest where her heart would be. “I know in these places you didn’t want this.”  


Deep within a forest in a valley on the southern edge of the Huckleberry Mountains in the State of Pennsylvania, Tim steps out of a travel dimension tunnel that he first step into back in New York State.  He looks around to see where he is at; he is now assured that he arrived at the right location, which is right in front of a large French manor house. As makes his way to the main door, he is not surprised to see it open and a voice calling out to him from within.

“Welcome.” said the voice belonging to a middle-age man. “My old friend, it has been some time. State your business.”

Tim just stops short of the door, he looks in to see there is just enough light coming from the wall lamps to give it a dim glow down the very long hallway.

“Hello, Saul.” said Tim is a serious tone. “I come to you on a urgent matter.”

“If it’s about those upstart girls who wish to come…to the dark side.” said the voice belonging Saul who hid in the shadows and made a small laugh at the end of his sentence before speaking again. “I’ am well aware of what they are doing with that young spirit. They are indeed playing with fire here.”

“ Then I ask for your help in stopping them before they awaken Green Jenny’s Golem servant.”

“I would have taken care of them a long time ago.” answered Saul. “However, due to the agreement we magic users including yourself made over a hundred and fifty years ago to this young country that many of us made are new home out of Europe; “Another magic user whether he or she be light or dark can not go into another’s jurisdiction without proper authority given from the higher commands, unless there is an emergency at hand and/or great peril is coming.” This item does not follow under that at this time.”

“Damn you, Saul!” shouted Tim. “This not the time for wizardly politics!”

“I’ am not just wizard, Tim.” reminded Sul. “ I’ am Warlock, so as a user of the Dark Arts, what makes you think that I will work for one who is a user of the Light Arts.”

“Because you are just that.” reminded Tim. “One who practices in witchcraft and is the highest male authority in the Northeast, they will listen to your direction. Plus, you owe me that favor back in Northern Ireland with that dragon.”

“That was over two hundred years ago!” protested Saul. “You can’t be serious on this!”

“If I did not intervene, you would have been dragon poop by day’s end.” reminded Tim. “Still use that dragon’s eye to see into the past?”

“I’ll need to think about this.” said Saul after a minute of silence.

“I need an answer now!” demand Tim as he slams down his magical staff on the gray cobble stone road.

“I said; I’ll need to think about this, Enchanter!” says Saul. “I know where to go. Now you go!”

The door then slams on Tim’s face, as he just simply turns and walks away and back into the tunnel again, however before it closed up behind him he says out loud;

“He’s still a troll’s ass.”


End Part Three.

Songs that Inspired This Chapter:

“Don’t talk to strangers”: Dio.

“E5150/After all” :Heaven and Hell (Live)

“The Runner”:  Manfred Mann’s Earth Band

“King of Dreams.” Deep Purple.

“Lady Evil” :Heaven and Hell (Live)

“Wrap around your finger.” :The Police.

“Witchy Woman”: The Eagles.

“Shallow Grave”: The Birthday Massacre.

“Break on through”: The Doors.

“Skalds and Shadows” (Acoustic Version ) :Blind Guardian.

“See me in Shadow” : Delain

“King Of Fools” : Twisted Sister.

“Broken” Sonata Arctica

“Angel of Darkness”: Alex C.

“Metal Church”: Metal Church.

“Changes”: Yes.

“One of the living.” Tina Turner.

“Strange kind of woman.” Deep Purple.

“End of the Line” The Allman Brothers Band

“The Four Seasons”  Vivaldi

"With or With Out You" U2

“Cherry Bomb!”  The Runaways.
Ghost Within The Machines Part Three
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Downtown Yokohama, Japan. Nighttime photo. 3 by JAFNOVA
Downtown Yokohama, Japan. Nighttime photo. 3
Please note:My work is Copyright 2015
All my works are registered and undercopyright.
© C.D.P /JAFNOVA 2010-2015

You may not modify, reproduce, copy
edit or publish my own works without my written permission.
My work does not belong to public domain
Downtown Yokohama, Japan. Nighttime photo. 2 by JAFNOVA
Downtown Yokohama, Japan. Nighttime photo. 2
Please note:My work is Copyright 2015
All my works are registered and undercopyright.
© C.D.P /JAFNOVA 2010-2015

You may not modify, reproduce, copy
edit or publish my own works without my written permission.
My work does not belong to public domain
Downtown Yokohama, Japan. Nighttime photo. by JAFNOVA
Downtown Yokohama, Japan. Nighttime photo.
Please note:My work is Copyright 2015
All my works are registered and undercopyright.
© C.D.P /JAFNOVA 2010-2015

You may not modify, reproduce, copy
edit or publish my own works without my written permission.
My work does not belong to public domain
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