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“So you're him, huh? The Avenger. The Killer of Killers. Nice outfit. I'm not sure about the face, though.”

                                                                       -Top Dollar (The Crow)

As the Golem continues its on going assault against the two magic users, it can clearly see now that its hard work of attacking their stubborn defiance shield was finally about to pay off as with one more mighty slam against the magically power shield with its huge stone-made fists cause the shield to instantly crack into several large sections and next to shatter away like glass in countless fragment-size pieces in which knocked down both the Enchanter known as “Tim” and the White Witch known as “Mary” on to their backs hard while magical shards of once was part of the protection shield spell showers down around them and dissolves away into the ground like ice on a warm spring day.

Tim lets out a yell in frustration as he brushes off several of the tiny glowing shards that landed into his burly beard only then to see the Golem leaning its hideous face down on at the two magic users, where as Mary lets out a light shudder as she sees into the Golem’s black eyes as it looked right at her directly while it gives off a very unpleasant looking grin towards her. In its maw burned a demonic fire, the essence of otherworldly entities shacked to power the infernal creation. Its eyes were not those of a mere robot; something devilish glinted within them.

Something alive.

“Mary?” demanded Tim as he slowly struggles to sit up. “In this short period of time of engaging this so-called automaton of a dark creature. This bastard has shown more and more indications of having something of a bit of an idea of a conscious than I have been previously told! Is it perhaps the memories or better yet intelligence from the leftover extract of the mid-level fire demons’ essences that also powers this monstrosity’s body?”

Mary just simply appears to be ignoring Tim’s words as she keeps looking up sharply at the Golem while at the same time she carefully reaches out and grabs on to her magic wand lying next to her.

“You’re just as repulsive as the last time I saw you, Golem.” declared Mary with disgust as she quickly glances over her left shoulder as if she was looking at something or someone approaching. “Perhaps, this might be the best time for you to surrender before something very unexpected happens to you next?”

The Golem just gives back its best expression at being puzzled at Mary’s words, only that soon changed as it barely had the chance to turn its head to see and react as it now hears the sound of something or someone big and fast coming right at it.

“Oh dear, too late.” added Mary as she quickly got out of the way.

Maggie comes charging in at her opponent like a freight train because she knew there was no time for one at being stealth here, this guy needed to be taken down and fast. The Golem has already shown that it was a powerful foe to be dealt with and both Mary and Tim’s life were in great danger.  She throws her punch at the Golem’s head hoping to take it by surprise and knocking it off its feet.

However, the monstrous stone creature sees Maggie’s now large right fist coming in just in time as it first blocks then knocks it away with one of its arms, only next to be quickly greeted by her left fist which slams hard against its stone face breaking off a couple of its sharp stone-like teeth in the process.

At first Maggie felt a sense of triumph that was able to get in the first punch in this fight because she has never taken on something so powerful in the supernatural sense like this before, only that moment of success quickly became replaced by a painful one for her as she looked down at her left hand as she felt a sharp stinging sensation come from it and to her horror she sees that some of the lava-like slag from the Golem’s mouth was embedding into her fingers as it was slowly burning its way into the flesh and working down to the bone.

She lets out a painful cry as she brisk-fully shakes out the hot slag from her hand as the Golem now takes a few more swings at her where she was able to ether dodge them or block them with her right arm until she sees an opening after the last swing from the Golem and was able to give it a quick sharp jab to the head.

This gave her enough time to look down at her hand again and was relieved to see that her quick healing ability was already knitting and grafting her skin back up to normal, yet nevertheless it still stung.

With great surprise the large stone creature then suddenly rushes right at Maggie at supernatural speed as it next leaps on to her swiftly then wraps its powerful bulky solid stone made arms around the Goth girl’s back tightly. Afterward it began to press its upper torso against her own and started to squeeze her as hard as it could by giving her a killer bear hug while at the same time picking her off her feet.

Maggie cried out as the Golem’s crushing grasp surrounded her with rock crushing pressure. If she were still in her normal form, this hug alone would have crushed her frail body like a dried out twig. However, now in her alternative form, her new body which made her stand just over nine feet in height and had the strength and appearance of a powerful amazon, she was almost a match for her foe.

The Golem on the other hand, stood at ten feet tall, was made of mostly of very dense gray stone and red clay and had the strength of five mid-level fire demons as well as their life-force that aided in pumping its blacken heart made from igneous rock which pumped its fire-like blood through its unnatural form.  These unearthly powers additionally gave it many abilities such as speed and strength on the supernatural level, yet curiosity enough though the Golem had no magical identity of
It’s own.  

Maggie coughed and writhed in its grasp, her muscles straining against the beast. She had crushed rock before while powered up, and yet, the otherworldly stone form of the Golem proved as unyielding as her own flesh and bone. Her own power source, the arcane furnace that burned up magic and turned it into life force, found no purchase on the Golem’s energies. For all of its supernatural appearance, it wasn’t powered by magic.

One of the ideas of its creator, a powerful and dark witch who went by the name of Jenny Greenteeth had when she forged it out of the very earth. Completely avoid of any magical abilities because she knew better that if the Golem was powered by magic to give it life, then another powerful magic user could find the right spell to control it like a puppet through their very own ability of magic implantation.

This vile creature was much stronger than Maggie and she now realizes this as she feels discomfiting pressure not only growing against the flesh on her own body, however on her upper torso and spinal cord too as if she was strapped within a large vise grip.

“Gotta break free!” she screams in her mind as she struggles back while she could feel her rib cage begin to crack inwards and was starting to have trouble breathing as pressure was building against her lungs.

Maggie then looks up into the Golem’s face as it brings her head up to its gaping mouth as if was ready to take a great bite out of her. Instead she could clearly see the reddish glow of bubbling rock and the strong smell of brimstone that was starting to form in the back of its mouth as it was preparing itself to blast her with it.

Both Tim and Mary struggle to get up quickly to help Maggie, however both were still weak from using so much magical power from the earlier fight. Tim managed to see what was happening with Maggie and was able to lift and aim his staff at the Golem’s head and fire another plasma energy blast at it to where the creature reacted from the attack by turning it’s head swiftly and firing its wad of molten rock at him instead. Only to get deflected safety away from everyone thanks to another protection spell cast by Mary.

This just gave Maggie a slim window of opportunity to react, while the Golem was still distracted with Tim. She just manages to wiggle and shift her body up enough between the creature’s iron grip to where she was face to face with the Golem and just as it slowly turns it head back to her, its met with Maggie’s as she slams as hard as she could with her forehead against its own.

At first the Golem is just dazed at what just happen, however before it could do a counterattack Maggie delivers another blow to it again, again and again until the now bewildered Golem finally let’s her go and Maggie lands heavily on to her feet, only to fall back in a stumble as she was very groggy from “head-butting” the Golem.

“”Oooo” claims Maggie in a struggle for words as her head was very muzzy now. “If I really did do drugs and was actually stoned right now this all make sense.”

Maggie’s eyes then roll to the back of her head as her knees buckle inward, then her heavy body falls backward and lands on the earth with a light thud.

Golem itself was still lightheaded all after that, however it started to walk up Maggie while rising up a fist to strike down at her. Before it could send the blow at Maggie’s skull however before it could send the blow at Maggie’s skull, Tim and Mary aimed their weapons at its own skull and unleashed a salvo that blasted it back to the ground.

“Stay the hell down, dammit!” shouted Mary in anger. “Besides we both need a brake physically and to draw more self-defense power from our eternal magical sources within us to fight again. My wand and your staff are getting a little low on magic here.”

“Of course you feel “stoned”.” grumbled a mystified Tim. “Just look at what you just hit with your thick head with, child.”

“Oh, shut up.” demanded Mary as she walked over to Maggie to check on her. “This poor kid been through a lot with this gift of hers.”

“More of a curse than a gift if you ask me.” said Tim to himself. “If I’m reading that alien energy ball that I found in Jennifer’s essence right.”

Mary starts to look over Maggie seeing what she can do for her. She takes her wand holds it over Maggie’s prodigious body while moving it back and forth slowly as if she was doing a type of “CAT Scan” on Maggie.

“Amazing.” exclaims Mary as she could see what’s going on inside Maggie’s body by way of magical visuals.  As she watched, fissures in bone knitted themselves together, while torn muscle tissue and scraped skin rejuvenated themselves. “Your healing powers are extraordinary alone with this body of yours. How I would love to study this beautiful and robust form that you’ve taken on and this strange kind of exotic magic that powers it.”

“Thank you.” said Maggie as she comes around, brings up her head and smiles at Mary. “You have a beautiful body too, but you might be too old for me.”

Maggie quickly blushed, slightly embarrassed that she’d said that out loud, especially as she had always looked forward to Mary’s classes back at school.

“You…you’re awake already? Are you alright?” asked Mary with concern as she tried to help up the large girl. “You’re not dizzy any more and should you really be getting up?”

“Just a light headache at this moment.” said Maggie as she struggled to sit up while putting her hand on her head. “Did I win?”

“You won a round.” explained Mary. “He’s down, but not out.”

Both Maggie and Mary look over where the Golem laid as Tim kept watch.

The Golem let’s out a low growl and tried to get itself back up, only to be knocked down by another salvo from Tim’s magical staff. He began to look worriedly at the glowing crystals, which were embedded in his staff because the magical energies from them began to show early signs that they were quickly becoming depleted.

“Were still at intermission here, my friend.” explained Tim to the Golem with a satire grin on his face as he then looks at Maggie. “You better get ready for the next round Maggie and hope it’s the final round and we will be all still alive in the end and collect our bets.”

“Well, if you two want to increase your chances at beating this guy.” explained Maggie with a sheepish grin. “Why can’t you just um ALL of your magic into me?”

She then clenched a tight fist and cheekily flexed her arm for Mary. Her bicep bulged huge and round under her pale Gothic skin.

“And just how much more “powerful” are we talking about here, young lady?” asked Tim with supposition as he raised an eyebrow at the young woman.

“Maybe…” replied Maggie slowly as she glanced upward. “Y’know, like, old monster size?”

Both Tim and Mary let out small scoffs as they shake their heads back and forth.

“Ah, the arrogance of youth.” exclaimed Tim. “How I do miss it at times…sometimes.”

“Maggie.” said Mary as she puts both of her hands on the younger woman’s right broad shoulder. “You are just beginning to learn and understand this strange yet wonderful alien magical power, but you still haven’t really learn to fully control it.”

“But, almost everything I take in I eventually burn off quickly as another form of energy, right?” explains Maggie as she flexes her right arm a few times showing off a large well developed set of biceps muscles. “In this case, I change magical energy into life energy, right?”

“Yes.” Mary continued on.  “And Tim and I could give you the magic you need to feed on to increase your power, but the both of us can only draw so much magical power from our own tapped sources at a time so we can keep ourselves in check without putting in so much effort doing so.”

“You on the other Maggie.” Tim butted in. “Are like some kind of magical addict. You always crave for more and more when the last dose wasn’t enough!”

“Tim.” exclaimed Mary glaring right at him. “That’s a bit harsh there, don’t you think?”

Maggie blushed as she scratched the back of her head. Well, ah, it is a huge rush.”

Mary turns back to Maggie and spoke with a calmer voice again.

“Maggie, honey, the danger is that we don’t know for sure. We’ve never encountered anything like you before, but we know that as you grow stronger, your magical “pull” gets stronger as well. You remember our astronomy classes?”

“Dimly.” Maggie said, sheepishly.  “I was, ah, distracted.” She left out the fact that her teacher had distracted her.

Mary raised an eyebrow. “As a collapsed star absorbs more mass, its gravitational         pull becomes stronger.  I fear you will do the same, pulling more magic out of the area than the fabric of reality can support. Magic is a vital force of nature like any other…”

The Golem rumbled, planting a huge fist into the earth. Tim loosed a blast of cracking plasma at it, striking it in the chest and pushing it back a few inches.

“Cut the lecture short, Professor!” he snarled.

“All right!” Mary fired back sharply. “Honey, just trust me Too much magic too quickly is a dangerous thing.”    
Maggie nods and carefully gets up to her feet as Mary just simply watches the young woman stand up to her colossal height.

“Right then.” says Tim as he looks at the Golem first then back at the two. “Let both work together here and deal at putting our friend here back in….?”

Without any warning and with the speed matching of a young tiger, the Golem gets up and launches right at Maggie while knocking away both Tim and Mary who hits her head on a tree and falls to the ground.

Both the Golem and Maggie lock each other’s arms tightly together. Maggie, still trying to knock the “cobwebs” out of her head can see clearly enough to understand that this was a kind of power struggle as the two dig their feet into the ground and started to push against each other with all their mustered strength.

Maggie struggled as hard as she could pushing back at the Golem’s never ending vigor at forcing down on Maggie as she could feel her own muscles tighten and swell to the point she thought they were going to explode through her very skin any second from the stress that they were enduring.  

Then the Golem does something that catches her off guard as it raises its head up suddenly above Maggie’s and returns the favor of getting “head-butted “ earlier by smashing down on the Goth girl’s own sharply.

The energy from the blow causes Maggie to slightly lose her concentration and grip which was more than enough for the Golem as it breaks free from the so-called; “power grip“ and with its huge right hand grasps it round her neck tightly and within great thrust pushes Maggie backwards to where she lands on to her back and the force pushes her body two feet into the soft ground.    

Inside Maggie’s skull is ringing as if she was inside a huge church bell as most of her body is now wrought in pain from the absorption of the raw energy brought on by the Golem as it looms over her like a predator’s prize from a good hunt.

However, it was far from done with her as it grabs both of her ankles and plucks her out of the hole, slings her over its right shoulder then with a mighty <grunt> and swing, throws Maggie like a heavy sack into the air.

All Tim could do is watch helplessly as the large girl tumble through mid-air doing a poor imitation of a “cart wheel” as he sees her fly out the old Estate grounds by going over and disappearing behind the huge hedge bush fence.  He then looks at the Golem as it turned it full attention on him and Mary now who was still out cold.

“I don’t suppose we could talk this over a pint of bitter, yes?” requested Tim as he carefully walked over to Mary’s body and put his left hand on it.

Golem just lets out an angry growl at him as it stares at him with a snarl and begins to walk towards the two.

“Right.” agreed Tim as he powered up his staff. “What would a simpleton the likes of you would even start to enjoy a good beer? We’ll be back!”

Both Tim and Mary both disappear within a flash of light to safety while Golem looks around for them.

“Hey!” shouted out Niccole as she sees the two disappear from view as she peaked out of her hiding place with Sara. “What about us?”

The Golem now turns to where the sound of the voice came from and slowly starts to walk towards it.

“Oh, shit.” said Niccole as she clearly sees that yelling out was a very bad idea now.


Caroline looks up at Jennifer as she watches the giant spirit walk towards her only it took longer for Jennifer to reach her because with every step she took she shrunk down slightly until she was her true size again.

“So, what do you want living dead girl?” mocked Caroline.

“You damn well know what it is.” replied Jennifer with slightly bared teeth. “My car keys.”

“Oh?” questioned Caroline as she reached down her shirt, pulled out a small neck chain with the leather fob and car keys attached to, she then raises them up to Jennifer’s face. “Is this them? Here, take it.”

Jennifer quickly reaches out for the keys only to be disappointed that for a moment she loss her present of mind that she can’t take hold of them as a ghost.

“Shit.” she cried out in aggravation. “I was so caught up in the moment of a passion of hope there that I actually forgot.”

“Aww, too bad.” said Caroline with an evil smirk at the end. “You just did is what a new-born ghost would have done. Noob.”

“’Noob’?” quoted Jennifer about a slang word until now she has never heard of before.

“I bet you still earn for your physical body even more now. Yet, you’ve been sucking up worms and rot for over twenty years in the cold damp dark ground. Gee, I have just been barely alive that long.” quickly added Caroline coldly.

“Fuck you.” exclaimed Jennifer within an upset tone.

“If you were still alive and the same age as me, I might have taken you up on that. I always like the tough girls, they don’t break so easily.” says Caroline as she puts the keys back under her black shirt, turns around and starts to walk away.

“Where are you going?” demanded Jennifer.

“I’m leaving.” replied Caroline as she still walks away never turning around and making eye contact with Jennifer. “This escapade is so much a loss now and I don’t want to be around before the old wizard man, the white witch or Maggie for that matter come after me, I know they’ll be pissed. But, don’t you worry as long as I have your keys, you will still belong to me. Ball and chain. Ball and chain. I’ll call when I need you again.”

Jennifer clutches both of her fists tightly while slightly bears her teeth in outrage as she watches Coralline walk away proudly while the ghost-girl can clearly hear the wicked girl’s laugher directed at her.

“No, you will not.” says Jennifer within a growl in a voice that is not her own now, however in her Banshee’s voice as she moves very swiftly up, through the air and lands right in front of Coralline who stops fast in her tracks. “I…she…we are nobody’s puppet.”

“Step aside spirit.” ordered Coralline with confidence. “Your very spiritual stench bothers me.”

“You dare challenge my wrath meat sack?” demanded Jennifer within a hiss still talking through her Banshee’s intonation voice as her eyes began to glow a whitish blue and raised two clawed-like hands close to Coralline’s face.

“Oh please.” protested Coralline as she walked right through the ghost like she was nothing yet vapor. “I know about the real you Jennifer better than you think.  As for that “Banshee” spirit of yours, that so-called worst half. She won’t or can’t harm me because I put a protection spell on myself just a few minutes ago that makes it impossible for her to touch me and as for you? I’m not worried about. Even though I have to admit here. As a ghost, you still do the “bad-girl” act pretty well, but you’re still just too afraid that if you do something very wrong and you can’t atonement for the transgression, you’ll never get to reach Heaven. Holding back to just a simple credence like that alone…that makes you weak in the end.”

For a moment Jennifer just stands motionless with a look of defeat her face, which really belonged to the Banshee as she speaks out loud to Jennifer through her own mouth once more.

“She’s right.” said the Banshee with disappointment. “You know it too, I can’t do anything against her. I alone am sealed off from her.”

Even though as a ghost she of course didn’t need air anymore, Jennifer takes a deep breath in and all the remaining visible disfigurements that belonged to the Banshee spirit alone disappeared completely off of her face and body. She then turns around to look at Coralline who was still walking away from her still with great confidence in her steps.

“Going by one of little Maggie’s own memories in a time like this she would say; “I got this.”” explained Jennifer out loud to her Banshee counterpart. “Well, I got this. “

“What do you mean?” asked the Banshee again through Jennifer’s mouth. “Explain yourself.”

“Just watch.” requested Jennifer as she swiftly floats up into the air, over Coralline and lands right in front of her again. “Just leave me for a bit, o-kay?”

“You say I’ am “weak”?” accused Jennifer as she narrowed her eyes at Coralline.  “Witch?”

“Yes, I do.” said Coralline standing firm. “Those who follow the righteous conscience are not always the strongest of the bunch.”

“Is that so?” asked Jennifer with a raised right eyebrow while she folded her arms across her chest.  “Hey, lets play a game.”

“Huh?” asked Coralline with a face filled with puzzlement.

“It’s called; “Possession”.” replied Jennifer giving back Caroline a disturbing grin.

Before Coralline could react Jennifer leaped and quickly immersed herself right into Caroline’s own body. Caroline quickly looks over herself to see where the ghost-girl went even though she already knew where.

“What?” protested Coralline, as she still looked over herself. “How?”

“You said it yourself about the spell working against the Banshee alone, you never said that spell would work on me as well. We may act together as one at certain times, but we are two very different spirits as you saw.” said Jennifer now speaking inside Caroline’s head.  “But, forget about that, you on the other hand have one dark twisted soul of your own in here. You might want to seek some help.”

“Get the fuck out now!” demanded Coralline as she shouted out-loud. “You have no right to do this to your Master!”

“You, my Master? Oh, please.” protested Jennifer. “I’ll get out after you give me back my keys!”

“Forget it.” said Coralline as she looked down on herself. “The only way you’ll get them is by force.”

“Alright… “Master”.” said Jennifer. “Just give me a second.”

Coralline begins to feel an unpleasant feeling all over herself as next she watches her own right hand by itself make into a tight fist.

“What are you doing?” she asks as she starts to feel her right arm shake a bit. The next thing she knows and feels is a sharp blow to her right cheek as her own fist slams rights into it.

“Fuck.” protested Coralline within a light cough.

“Hey, stop hitting yourself.” requested Jennifer within a chuckle as her voice is still heard in Coralline’s mind. “Look you’re still doing it.”

Again Coralline’s right face meets fist, then again and again.

“Stop it you bitch!” ordered Coralline. “You won’t…!”

This time the left fist meets the left eye of Coralline’s face, where this time she lets out a cry.

“The keys!” shouted Jennifer whose voice radiated strongly inside Coralline’s head now. “Give me the keys!”

“You gotta do better than this!” growled Caroline out loud again.

“Alright, I will.” answered Jennifer. “I’m a female too, I know what hurts!”

The next thing Coralline does is letting out a painful moan and then a cry in agony as Jennifer forces Coralline’s hands tightly grabbed her breasts under shirt and twist hard back and forth aggressively several times until she takes her left hand and punches herself in the crotch then in the gut sharply multiple times until her body hurts all over.

Then everything stops as Coralline falls to her knees, she then bends over and losses her lunch quickly as Jennifer managed to manipulate Coralline’s stomach’s muscles enough to cramp-up to were she vomited.

“So, are you ready to give up?” asked Jennifer impatiently. “Or do you want some more, bitch?”

“What do you think?” replied Coralline in discomfort as she coughed up again. “You’re in my realm! This is the land of the living!”

“Yeah.” admitted Jennifer. “But, I’m still in your body!”

Coralline is forced to stand up and even though she struggles to stop, she runs right toward an old oak tree and slams her head against it.

“Here’s a classic rock song for you.” exclaimed Jennifer with a proud laugh at the end as she struggles to keep Coralline’s body standing up right. “”Bang your head” by “Quiet Riot”, now do want to “Cum on and feel the noise” too?”

Coralline fights to stay conscious, reaches down into her shirt, pulls out the keys on the chain and throws them far away into the dark woods.

“Take them.” Coralline says in a struggle for words. “May the Devil take you.”

The last thing Coralline sees and feels before passing out cold is meeting the same tree with her face again, she then falls on her back in a heap.

Jennifer then phases out of her then host body and looks down at Coralline with a disappointing look.

“You first.” replied Jennifer about the last words Coralline said to her as she walks away back to the others. “What a sad creature.”

As Jennifer looks over to see where the Golem and Maggie were fighting, she just happens to see the Golem throw Maggie over the hedge and next to witness Tim and Mary disappear in a bright flash.

“Oh shit.” says Jennifer in disbelief as she takes to the air and flies off to where Maggie disappeared by the tall hedge.  “Not good. Not good.”


As soon as Maggie just clears the hedge, the next thing she feels is something very hard and course as her body lands on its right side then next tumbles almost into the middle of the old state road that ran just along side the Estate grounds itself. Her head and ears still ringing from the pounding she just got from the Golem and her mind was so disoriented that she never even took notice the bright light that instantly bathed her as soon as she finally came to a stop on her right side.  

She finally looks up right at the quickly approaching two sets of bright lights and the very recognizable rumbling sound that accompany it, then before she could react, it made contact with her.  

The driver behind the wheel of the 2010 dark blue Peterbilt 389 semi truck just catches a glimpse with his right eye the large body belonging to Maggie, which he took for a black bear or something as it landed hard onto the road right in front of the truck itself. This made him instantly slam his foot on the breaks and try to steer the large rig out of the way of the object. Yet, it was already too late to do anything to fully avoid it.

Both Maggie’s mind and body instantly “sobers up” as she sees the truck’s steel radiator grill come clearly into view beyond the headlights. She tries to scamper up to her feet to get out of the way, only she is greeted by the full force of the thirty ton truck as its chrome steel bumper-guard slams right into her powerful body causing the heavy metal-alloy to buckle and bend inward as it grabbed and then drag her left leg first underneath it.

Immediately the left side of her chest then right afterward her head makes contact with the driver’s side front wheel where she causes the whole wheel section to rip clean off of the axle itself and fly off in another direction as if it slammed into a good size boulder thus causing the huge rig to be joisted hard into the air and tilting to a sharp right.

Maggie was able to feel her face make contact with the front tire before the wheel finally flew off and then next meeting the truck’s fender section as it actually helped to push her forward hard enough that she slid from underneath the truck and moved far back enough until she is right next to the driver’s side fuel tank just as the rig came back down to earth slamming hard onto the roadway. Just missing her by a few feet.

The sharp sounds of metal scraping against asphalt as well as causing sparks to fly heavily surround Maggie as both the truck and tanker trailer section rumble quickly by her as she herself is still sliding on her back on the road until finally coming to a stop. The now out of control rig runs off the road and plows into a drain ditch.

The deep trench causes both the truck and tanker trailer to become air borne again in a semi-arch. This time because of such abrupt force applied to the rig itself a second time, both the kingpin and the fifth-wheel unit break free from each other sending the tractor unit in one direction and the five-thousand gallon tanker in the opposite direction as the sharp “popping” sounds from the air break cables snapping off could be heard just before the trailer lands onto the ground with a low “thud” as it spins halfway around on the wet grass until it finally comes to a stop on its back as it rocks back and forth a few times as it liquid contents slosh around inside while the truck cab itself slams down on the driver’s side and plows onto the soft ground not too far from the tanker.

Maggie struggles to get up on her hands and knees as the world continues to spin around in her mind in a slow-like motion while white “stars” go shooting by her eyes, still she fights on to get to the truck.

“Gotta check on the driver.” she tries to think straight as her head was pounding as if somebody just used it in a rugby game. “I caused this.”


As Jennifer nears the top of the wall hedge, she stops suddenly in mid-air as her wits came back to her.  She remembers now that she is not supposed to leave the confines of the Estate grounds just like back at the cemetery without the protection of an escort of some kind, in this case that usually falls on the duties of the assign protector of the cemetery known to her as; ”Keeper of the Graves”.

“Speaking of which.” thinks Jennifer to herself as she happens to being hearing the rumbling sound of an approaching truck of the other side of the tall hedge. “Where is that guy? He saw me get sucked into the crazy twister back at the cemetery against my will. He should be able by now know where I’m at and come for me.”  

Jennifer is now brought to alarm as she hears the sharp sounds of tries screeching, followed by the deafening noises of metal buckling, snapping and striking the ground hard which forces her to make up her mind and take a chance by breaking the important rule and leave this area of sanctuary because she’s just know that Maggie is somehow responsible for the accident she just heard.

As soon as the ghost-girl materialized out of the other side of the thick hedge she quickly looks around for anything that might be an immediate to danger to her. Especially of the small, yet vile dark creatures that she just had a close call with not even more an hour ago called; “Reapers” and even though they do roam around the Estate’s grounds too. They are not so strong as they would be out here on the other side of the Estate’s boarders.  Jennifer is fully aware that she would be up for grabs more than ever this time.

“Oh crap.” says Jennifer in disbelief as she now sees the wreckage of the eighteen wheeler to the right of her and then spots Maggie as she stumbles down to the ground while she grabs the driveshaft of the truck now laying on its side. Just then, the chilling sounds that belonged to the Reapers could be heard clearly in the air.

“Ours, ours, ours.” said more than one terrifying voice in unison as several pairs of eyes that glowed red or orange appeared within the darkness of the shadows themselves that were casted down upon the ground made by trees or road signs created from the yellowish light of nearby street lights and in one case the shadow made by a billboard sign’s backside as its front was bathed by its whitish lights.  

“Ours, ours, ours.” the voices said again.

“She is so pure, so very bright.,” said another Reaper referring to the bluish glow of Jennifer’s own essence. “Should taste all right.”

“She is not protected now.” another one said as it reached its claw-like hands out of the very shadow which it hid in that was made by an old oak tree. “She is so… so very ripe for the taking. To feast on!”

“Then drag her to Hell afterward.” the first one added. “To our Master for his own banquet of eternal suffering to such pretty souls.”

“’Just stay in the light and you will be alright. Away from the dark shadows at all times when off protected or holy lands’.” reminded Jennifer to herself from one of the many rules she had to learn in order to survive as a ghost when she was back in the realm of the living while at the same time a deep chill ran through her from hearing the words from the Reapers while she scanned the area carefully that lead to the truck which had quite a few long shadows extending across the road and grasses that ran along it and from within the crowns of the near-by trees that hung over the road itself.

Any of the light from the sodium-vapor street lamps overhead on their wooden poles didn’t really give off any strong enough glow that could really keep the Reapers at bay if they wanted to try and come out at her.

“Piff, yeah right, easy.” she said to herself out loud in satire within a scoff.

With a combination of carefully stepping around and floating over the cast of shadows while staying close to the street light’s glow as possible, she was able to avoid the claws and in a few cases jaws of the Reapers as she got closer to the truck.  As she jumped over the last large shadow, one of the Reapers managed to leap out and try to grab on to Jennifer’s right leg, however, it fell short and tumbled back into the shadow from were it came from.

This action only made the other Reaper’s the more desperate as several of them came out of their protective shadows despite the pain they were now enduring from the low light ran up to Jennifer while jumping and taking swipes at her.

Jennifer was able to float high enough to where she thought she was safe, however, another Reaper hiding in a shadow within the crown of a large tree took a swipe at her which made her climb higher into the air. As she tried to move on towards Maggie the Reapers followed her closely while under her and hissed in anger at her. They knew what they where doing.

“Block her!” yelled one at the other Reapers. “If she wants to get to the living ones she has to fight through us! She can’t win! Strength in numbers brothers and sisters, strength in numbers!”

As more and more Reapers came leaping out of the shadows and join the others while they all leer up at her. A few start heading toward the truck to where Maggie was last seen.

Without warning a bright and focus beam of white light casted unexpectedly down upon them. Within many painful screams and screeches, the small blackish and ember embed glowing creatures bodies dissolved completely away as if they were made of ash. The light next turns toward the other Reapers near-by and few of them met the same fate or ran quickly back into the bodies of shadows that did not disappear when the light hit them.

Jennifer turns to the source of the light thinking it might be Tim or Mary’s magic handy work. However, to much of her surprise instead sees it was Maggie who rescued her by holding one of the truck’s still working headlight units in her hand that she managed to snapped off the truck itself with its electrical cable still attached to it as she rested against the engine’s hood.

“Be gone.” orders Maggie to the Reapers in voice that was clearly noticeable that she was defiantly; “put through the wringer” here. “Or whatever, just go the fuck away.”

“How did you know those guys don’t like any kind of white light?” asked a relieved Jennifer as she ran over to Maggie and took a knee next to her. “I never said anything about that, was it my memories in your mind again?”

“This is not the first time I’ve come across creatures of the dark before.” explained Maggie. “Ever since I got this power, I’ve gotten more than my fair share of the “Dark Side”.”

“So this “power” of yours allows you to see them too?” asked Jennifer as she turned around to see a couple of the surviving Reapers peer their heads from out of the dark shadows, however came out no further.

“Pretty much all the time when I’m in this form. So, how do I look savvy girl?” asked Maggie as she let out a few coughs as she dropped the light and it swung freely on its cable. “I’m I tough enough as you now? Be honest.”

“Uh, to be dead honest here.” replied the ghost-girl with hesitation as she closely looked over Maggie’s heavily bused up body, especially where the truck’s tire left its mark on the left side of her face.  “You kinda look like you were embalmed and it wore off ya.”

Maggie lets out a small laugh at Jennifer’s words as she puts her hand on her face and wipes off the small amount of blood that came out of her nose.

“But, good news is, you’re in the gang!” added Jennifer to humor Maggie some more.

“You mean; “The gang of the dead”?” replied Maggie with a fearful concern look now on her face. “You really mean I’m really…?”

“What?” exclaimed Jennifer in surprise as she pointed to her ghostly self. “No, no. Not even close!  Man, you must’ve gotten hit harder than I thought. Trust me, you don’t want to be in “this” gang. There is only one true way to get in here.  Chances are you won’t like the way of the installation into it.  What I mean of a “gang” was if there was actually a gang for tough girls around here and what you just did with the Golem and to this truck. Sister, you are so in.”

“Yeah, yeah you’re right.” said Maggie as she feels how tender the “tire tattoo” on her face feels. “Ow.  You don’t feel pain when you’re dead, right?”

“Not in the same physical sense.” replied Jennifer. “If that makes any real sense at all.”

“Check on the driver, will you?” requested Maggie. “I need a minute here.”

Maggie watches Jennifer materialize herself into the truck by way of the engine compartment as she gently places her right hand on her outfit where her left breast was.

“Ow.” Maggie cringed in discomfort again. “That damn tire actually did ride up by chest before hitting my face.”


Inside the cab of the truck, the driver named; “Mack O’ Malley” rubs his sore head after hitting it against the steering wheel of his once prized “classic truck” that he’s been driving for over five years, the same one he bought back when he got his truck license shortly after becoming an American citizen.

He looks around his smashed up cab while making a quick assessment of the damage at the same time making a few light coughs from the irritant smoke that was made from the combination of burning engine oil and shorted out electrical components, he next struggles to get his driver’s seat belt off.

“What the devil was that?” he grumbles in his rough Irish tongue about the large dark thing he saw before hitting it. “Big and…well just big at that. Blasted amadan ye are Mack for not being the quicker on the wheel!”

As Mack tries to pull himself up to see better out the now heavily shattered front windshield, he spots what appears to be the same large object he just hit now resting against the hood of he’s beloved truck, however due to the heavy spider-cracked glass, it was difficult to see in detail what it really was.

As he peers closer out the glass, he unintentionally hits the unlock button to one of the truck’s passenger overhead compartment units and its items rain down on him including a large road map that opened up and covered his head including his eyes completely.

“Cac!” Mack curses out as he whips off the map that covered him only to come face-to-face with Jennifer as she just happen to materialized through the passenger side of the front dash broad of the truck and stop less than a half a foot from his face.

“Faith and Begorrah!” cries out Mack in surprise for one how close Jennifer was to him and the next that he see almost right though her.

“Ha, “Faith and Begorrah”.” quoted Jennifer within a smile. “My grandfather used to say that. Anyway, are you are alright?”

“Oh, I’m just grand Missy!” grumbled Mack in a mixture of disgust and fascination as he studied Jennifer carefully. “Aye, just grand. Only my beautiful truck is now just…wait a second…are ye an angel lass?”

“Nope.” replied Jennifer bluntly as she looked over herself. “I really want to be one though.”

“So, ye be a… “Banshee” then?” he asked with concerned tone as he thought about his homeland’s folklore as he also now notices that he can see his breath as the temperature inside the truck’s cab has suddenly dropped a bit.

“Only half of the time, bod!” replied Jennifer back only this time her Banshee half answered up speaking though Jennifer’s mouth with its own chilly voice while at the same time, the right half of Jennifer’s face suddenly shifts into a more ghastly appearance to it which made Mack jump back in surprise.

“Shut up.” protested Jennifer back in her own voice while at the same time her true facial features quickly return whole. “You hag.”

“Teigh trasna ort fein!” the Banshee shot back bitterly through Jennifer’s mouth.

“Oooo, ah understood that one.” replied Mack almost in a grin. “Not very ladylike, eh?”

“What did she just say?” asked Jennifer to Mack. “She speaks in that other language sometimes that I can’t really understand.”

“Ye don’t want to know really.” replied Mack honestly. “Ah take it then, that you two are not all the same spirit in one form I’m seeing here, but separate entities all together.”

“Think of a “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” metaphor here.” answered Jennifer honesty. “Two very different spirits, one ghostly body to share.”

“Aye, ah bet ye two have some interesting arguments at times.” replied Mack. “So ah be guessing then, ye be a… normal ghost then and ye the kind one?”

“Yes.” said Jennifer with a smile at the end.

“I’m ah dead then?” asked Mack as he pitched his left arm. “Ouchy that was felt.”

“No.” replied Jennifer back with slightly narrowed eyes. “You’re the second person to ask me something like that in less than five minutes.”

“Well then, that’s a good thing, aye?” asked Mack as he finally slipped out of his driver’s belt and landed on the driver’s side door.

“Are you hurt, can you get out of here?” asked Jennifer with concern.  “Do you need help?”

“Aye, ah good lass. Considering ah just lost my truck. But, give a few minutes after the adrenaline in me finally dies down and ah’ll probably be weeping like a guy over a spill of good pale ale. ” replied Mack as he struggled to get up to the passage side door. “Anyway, ah’ve been through enough donnybrooks in my day that this little tumble is nothing.”

“Good.” replied Jennifer with a smile. “I gotta bolt, see ya soon.”

Mack watches Jennifer materialized through the windshield only to see her come back inside again.

“Well, not too soon anyway.” she said with a smile as she held up her ghostly right hand up to him just before she went back out the windshield.  “You know what I mean?”

Mack just stood quite and motionless for a few seconds before speaking up again.

“Cac.” he says as he shakes his head in disbelief. “I really need a good pint of the bitter now. Hope a pub is nearby.”


Jennifer floats just above the truck looking around for Maggie and spots her walking with a limp up to the tanker which is now spewing out small whitish color plumes of cold gas by a couple of small valves.  

A few of the Reapers were still watching her within the shadows, Jennifer then flies down and joins Maggie as she appears to be reading a red placard on the tanker itself.

“Hey, Maggie!” calls out Jennifer as she lands next to her. “What are you doing?”

“’Warning.’” she quoted as she read the placard. “’Liquid nitrogen’.”

“Yeah, I remember that back in science class.” said Jennifer as she held her left hand over one of the valves shooting out the cold gas, which had no effect on her as it shot though her ghostly form. “This is the cold stuff.”

“I’ve got an idea.” replied Maggie with a grin. “A really cool idea.”

                                                     END Part Six
Ghost Within The Machine Part Six

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The Piti guns by JAFNOVA
The Piti guns
This is just one of the Piti guns that were once part of the Japanese defenses that were supposed to protect Asan Beach from American military landing craft back in World War II. However, the guns were never fired because they were not completed when the U.S. Marines landed on the beach on 21 July 1944.

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Two-Man Submarine by JAFNOVA
Two-Man Submarine

This is the two-man submarine that ran aground at Guam’s Togcha Beach back in mid to late August in 1944. The battle for the island of Guam had ended more than a week before.


The Japanese Empire did built more than 2,000 midget submarines before and during World-War II, only one is credited in sinking one ship.


                                                                             Source: U.S. National Park Service

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Swamp Ghost

The “Swamp Ghost”, is a “B-17E” that was forced to make emergency landing in the Agaiambo swamp, New Guinea after a bombing raid over Rabaul, New Britain due to low fuel supply.


After the Flying Fortress splashed down into the swamp the crew had to make the difficult hike through the swamp and thick jungle until they finally reached safety at Port Moresby, about six weeks later. They all were exhausted and all were sick with malaria.


For over half a century the B-17 was in that swamp, until it was recovered by disassembling the plane in the swamp and flown out in sections by helicopter.


Today, it is in Hanger Bay 79 here at Ford Island, Hawaii where one day it will be hopefully fully restored.


I know this is not a great photograph of this plane, however, I hope in a few years I will be able to photograph it when it is restored. 

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Everyone scatters into different directions as the enraged Golem now throws the huge pressured steam making system at Tim who was able to blast the heavy bulky metal apparatus into several pieces with the aid his power staff.

This turned out to be nothing more than an distraction for the Golem because as soon as the orange-color flash made from the magical blast faded, it charged right at Tim who saw it coming just in time and was quickly able to set up another protection spell in front of him only this time shaped into like a huge knight’s shield which blocked the Golem fully from advancing any closer to him.

For a next few heart beats the Golem appears to study the large semi-opaque illuminating object before it, then it starts to punch and push against the magic shield relentlessly.

At first Tim wasn’t really worry about the Golem’s attacks, he figured that the ugly stone behemoth would give up eventually and then go try to attack someone else which would give him or the White Witch a better shot at getting him back in the ground somehow, however the Golem kept pouring it on and many small cracks began to appear on the shield and the Golem could see that clearly.      

Tim aims his staff at the protection shield and fires a bolt of magic power at the translucent shield hoping to make the spell stronger, it works as the cracks disappear, however, the Golem fights onward and the cracks return with more that quickly followed.

Mary, Sara and Niccole take cover behind by an old garden shed while Maggie gets behind a wall made of old red bricks that was once part of the house’s garage.
Jennifer soon joins her as she materializes through the wall, however she keeps herself away from Maggie by a few feet.

“You old fool.” says Mary in disbelief as she sees Tim taking on the Golem by himself. “Always showing off like a young knight trying to impress a young maiden by taking on a forest troll. You two stay here!”

Both girls then watch with amazement as Mary runs toward the Golem while quickly shooting a few magic bursts from her wand as she welds it like a professional at the Golem’s backside trying to make it take her on for a bit so Tim can recover and join her in the fight, however the bursts appear not to harm the Golem as it just ignores at her while focus only on Tim’s shield, she shoots a few more bursts at the Golem, this time at its head. Again, it ignores her, so much in fact she was able to simply walk around both the Golem and Tim’s shield and come up right behind him while he still powering up his spell.
She then lets out a “sigh” in vexation just before she points her wand at the shield and adds her own magic to in which gives Tim a small break.

“Thanks.” says Tim as he wipes the sweat from his brow. “This guy is much more trouble than thought!”

“I told you it took a whole coven to stop him!” reminded Mary. “Got any new ideas because the plan we had made earlier to combine our magic to hopefully defeat him will never see fruition now because he won’t give us the time now to do so.”

“Keep pouring it on!” declares Tim.  “Wear him down eventually.”

“Just the two of us? Were in deep trouble here.” says Mary as she was starting to show some fatigue. “Even with all the coven’s magic from the first conflict years ago, it took over three hours of on and off skirmishing to get enough energy spent off the Golem to the point that we could seal it in the ground finally. Anything else?”

“I’m thinking, I’m thinking.” exclaims Tim as he takes over powering up the shield and manages to shoot off a plasma-like energy blast from his left hand which penetrates right through the protective shield and strikes the Golem in square in the face making it move back a few feet in a stumble only to quickly resume its attack on the two magic wielders as it runs right back onto the shield and starts to press all its weight against it while Tim and Mary still pour on their power, soon it becomes very apparent that the two opposing forces are now in a kind of stalemate, yet for how long?  

“Great, now we are in a kind of a magical “Mexican Stand Off” here.” shouts Mary as she quickly fires another shot of magic at the Golem’s head which bounces off it and sends it flying through the air until it disperses into glowing dust like particles and carried away into the wind.

Maggie anxiously looks over the red brick wall to witness the whole spectacular display of magic power coming from the battle, which even though she was roughly twenty feet from the power and light show, all the energy coming from the magical spells were starting to have an effect on her.

Just like in thermodynamics; where a very hot item will transfer heat to a much colder item for work. The supernatural effects were indeed minuscule compared to the other experiences she has had with magic in the past, however nevertheless it made her begin to arouse something within herself slightly as she looked at her hands then brought them up to her stomach.

“Please, not here not now.” she pleaded with herself softy as her small voice was somewhere between stressful and sensual as the once small arouse now evidently became more of a warm flush of an energy source she was all too familiar with. “Keep it under control.”

“What are you doing, girl?”  asked Jennifer from behind Maggie as she saw how the Goth girl was starting to act “funny” to her.

“The magic, it’s… sooooo strong coming from those two.” cried Maggie within a shiver though gritted teeth as now she bents over never turning around to make eye contact with Jennifer. “Shit, even though I’m not even physically touching any of them, they still manage to trigger it on, the thermal energy from their magic spells is awakening the power with in me like the heat coming from a roaring bon fire!”

“Say what?” replied Jennifer with a confused tone as she cocked her head slightly to the right with a raised eyebrow at the same time.

“Ahh.” cried out Maggie in a small moan before she turned right around to the ghost girl and looked at her dead in the eye. “Don’t you understand what happens to me when I get near or touch anybody or thing like a charm or idol that has magic imbedded in it. It’s like a freaken furnace inside my body! You got a lot of my memories too, right?”

“Yeah.” said Jennifer with a faded voice for a few seconds as if it was coming from someplace else then it returns quickly as she speaks up again. “But so far, I’ve only been telling you of small percentage of what I’ve seen. There is this one particular memory that I want to ask you right now because it’s something strange. No wait, not really the word “strange” is the right here….”abnormal”, maybe?”

“And that is?” asked Maggie with gritted teeth still as her curiosity now slightly overshadowed her current on going struggle. “This “abnormal” thing?”

Jennifer was trying to find the specific words to explain to Maggie until the Golem lets out a sharp roar in anger again which startled her as Tim was able to find the power to fire another blast of plasma-like energy at it causing it to fall back a few feet away only to quickly make a counterattack back at the shield again, however not before it spotted Maggie and Jennifer over the brick wall and give them a sinister glance at them.

“Oh, come now!” protested Tim referring to the Golem’s persistence. ‘This kind of brazen fighting is getting old and fast!”

“Shit.” admitted Maggie as she was still struggling with her problem with the magic around as it began to be absorbed more into her body. “Your damn memories have been a bane with me these past few days and in the last few hours they have been getting worse and I still don’t know what to make of you, Jennifer Porterfield.”

“Oh, yeah? Well, I don’t know what to make of you, Maggie Llewellyn. “ exclaimed Jennifer now in a serious voice as she carefully walked up to the Goth-girl while closely examining her body langue, not knowing what may happen next between them as she recalls the first time they got in close contact to each other.  

“Even with all these…memories that are flooding my own mind about you, especially this one strong and yet strange memory I see a lot… and I don’t mean the parts where you fantasize on having…sex with other girls mind you. I mean…I can’t really still can’t make it out, even now thinking about it I can only just barely see into it and seems like there is whole other person hidden deep within you it’s very… lack of a better word; “vague” Honestly, it really does gets my attention from the powerful sensation coming from it.“

Maggie just simply gives Jennifer a blank stare back at her.

“Let me put it into words like this.” explained Jennifer in frustration thinking that she is not making any sense. “Most times just simply thinking and looking into this particular memory is almost like trying to stare into bright flash coming from within a deep thick fog or something.”

“’Whole other person’ you said” quoted Maggie. “Something like that banshee bitch of yours that wants to be out and be rid of you because she thinks your too soft, at least that’s the way I’m understanding it when I look into that memory of you as a ghost?”

“Something like that.” admitted Jennifer sheepishly.

“So, you have really no idea what else I can do when it comes to magic or what it can do to me physically?” added Maggie with surprise as she finally begins to feel the effects from the emissions of the power of the magic that has been flying around in the air as she looks down at her chest as she could feel it began to change anew now becoming wider while her nipples harden as they started to poke outward as they rubbed against the material of her black “The Birthday Massacre” concert T-shirt while she feels it becoming tighter on to her petite body along with her snugged black jeans as they gripped up .

“No.” replied Jennifer in a fluster. “I don’t!”

“I need more.” says Maggie to herself lustfully as her eyes appear to give off a sparkle for a second. “Much more, I hunger for it.”

“Yes, you do.” said another voice in the back of Maggie’s mind, a voice she has hear of before. “Much more, let your true self come forth as you told me the first time we met at that mansion. The real you that lust for in reality that is forced to hide within this frail body of yours making up part your mundane life that you abhor so much. Show this little abomination of an apparition before you who you truly are and that you are not weak.”

“I’m not weak.” replied Maggie in a soft voice out loud. “I’m not.”

“Show her.” says the voice again with demand this time in the back of Maggie’s mind.  “Show her you’re not weak!”

“I’m not weak!” growled out Maggie this time as she suddenly came back to reality from the dreamlike-state that she just slipped into momentarily as she pointed an aggressive finger up at Jennifer who steps back a couple more feet back with surprise.

“Never said you where.” replied Jennifer with puzzlement.

“Then no better place or time than here I guess.” admitted Maggie as she sees the Golem is making better process now in fighting its way through Tim’s and the white witches magic.

“Hey, old guy!” shouts Maggie over to the Enchanter while holding her hands up and waving trying to get his attention. “Hit me with your magic!”

Amazingly both Mary and Tim just barely hear Maggie’s request over the sharp crackling noise coming from the magic blasts that both of them were was admitting through magical tools.

“Are you kidding me, now? barked Tim as he tried kept his focus on the Golem.  “And who are you calling an “old guy”?”

In the next moment, the Golem manages to grab the top section of the shield and tears it straight down the middle of it like paper and just before it could reach in and grab onto Mary, she aims her wand and fires an ice blast right up the Golem’s groin area.

The Golem lets out a chilling whimper as it grabs it crotch while it jumps into the air as it next does a “face plant” into the ground on its way back down. It quickly gets back up and takes a moment to smash off the icy blocks that has formed on it from the white witch’s magical spell.

Tim quickly repairs the damaged shield with his own magic he looks right at Mary with a disturbed look on his face.

“Well.” says Mary calmly never looking at Tim, however at the Golem instead as it starts to come back at them in a slow charge. "Gave him a good case of the "blue balls"."

“I ‘ve been telling you for sometime now that you do look a lot like that character that was played by Mickey Rourke from that one “Iron Man” movie.” admitted Mary within a grin that now appeared on her face as there is a slight struggle within her voice.

“Just do did it!” demanded Maggie. “You of all people must know by now what magic alone can do to me physically the way you have been spying on me, besides you need help!”

As the Golem starts its attack again, Tim glances at Mary with an expression of un-insurance for a second and can clearly see that she too was starting to become very fatigued now from the on going struggle to keep the magic pouring onto the protection shield against stone giant as it now has the ability to start to regenerating itself from the damage from magic energy blast that Tim fires at it’s stone body when he gets the chance.  The Golem just keep making ether a dreadful sneer or loud ear splitting bellows at them for their actions.    

“He’s just wearing down us until our magic is all but exhausted to the point that he can simply smash us!” grumbled Tim in exasperation out loud he had a strong hunch that this thought went through Mary’s mind as well.

“Oh, you think?” said Mary. “That last trick he did wasn’t a hunch?”

The truth also be known that thanks to his research the last couple of days with that small mysterious magical ball of energy that he found embedded of Jennifer’s essence that was left unintentionally by Maggie, he was able to come to a better understanding at what was truly making up Maggie’s strange power and its effects it had on magic. However, he was still not confident enough to tell anyone especially with Mary or Jennifer just yet because within some cases of his research it gave him fewer answers and was replaced with more questions instead.  Some questions he did not like seeing at all.

So now Maggie is telling him to fire a magical blast at her and he does understand enough what will happen to her, however he’s just not too sure what Maggie’s true intentions will be afterward. Was he going to release a monster of a different kind?

“Give me a second.” requests Tim to Mary as he quickly takes his right hand away from his staff and casts another energy blast from his hand at the Golem. It still holds the stone giant at bay, however not as effected as it was from the staff because the spell is casted weaker by hand.

“What are you doing?” demanded Mary as she sees all this going on.” Crazy Enchanter!”

Tim does not reply as he points his staff at Maggie and focus on his aim. Tim lets the energy build up in the staff until it is ready to fire, however before he lets it loose he still paused for a moment with an expression of uneasiness through clutched teeth finally shoots the charged spell right at the Goth girl.

“Here you go, straight from the tap!” he shouts as watches the spell cut through the darkness like a laser beam. “But, a shot glass size!”

The magical blast bonds on to Maggie with all of its force, which appears to make her whole body become nothing yet all light for second, until it begins to absorb the magic into her every being.

Just by a natural defense reaction, Jennifer quickly closed her eyes tightly and raised her arms up to shield herself from the bright blast of light, even though of course the intense light was going right through her like nothing.

The ghost-girl soon lowered her arms and slowly opened her eyes as the light subsided, she sees Maggie looking right at her still bathe within a light bluish glow from the magic.

For moment Jennifer thought Maggie had just died from the powerful force of Tim’s spell and was now a ghost herself because of the way she did appeared to be glowing with an aura of her own which was really from the magic that was still illuminating off of her.

“Are you cool?” asked Jennifer as she surveyed Maggie carefully with concern.  

With a pleasurable expression wrapped on her face now, Maggie looks up to the night sky and lets out another soft moan as she brushes her hair softly with both of her hands as the ends of it begin to give off a strange purplish glow, then quickly she looks right at Jennifer again with a very imposing stare as the sparkle returns within them again for a brief time, next she then takes her hands and begins to gently caresses herself.

“I’m more than “cool”.” expressed Maggie through a passionate deep groan as the last of the magic is absorbed into her body.  “Oh, come on girl gotta keep your self-control for a few more seconds, even though that was pure unfiltered fucken’ magic. Hey Jenny?”

“Uh, yeah?” asked Jennifer still with a very confused tone in her voice as she slightly cocked her head to the right again.

“Do me a solid and don’t freak out at what happens next because I’m probably going to need you….for something.” Maggie requested within giggle as touches both of her cheeks with her hands as she could feel them warning up now as her energized fused blood begins to flush through them with an increase in pulse. “Damn, what a rush here, this is going to be a fierce one!”

“Need me for what?” asked Jennifer uncomfortably because the way Maggie was acting towards her was strangely a little intimidating to her. “What the shit will happen next?”

However, Jennifer’s question takes a back seat as she hears a new sound of what appeared to be cloth stretching and starting to tear as Maggie’s whole body seem to slightly alter its true form for a moment while it also appeared that patches of her skin started to glow on her body at first until it quickly regain itself and started to change with an increase in height and shape as her black T-shirt began to become even tighter around her changing body while the seams on her black jeans began to stretched and make a low moan until they snapped open exposing her pale and now   lengthen legs while the knots in the laces on her black sneakers began to open themselves. Simultaneously her once thin quads where growing and filling out more with new powerful muscles and becoming harden like those belong to a semi-pro body builder.

Her once deep purple hair began to change between into a bright fuchsia and magenta colors that gave off an otherworldly glow as it transformed in vigorous shades.

“Yes.” says Maggie in a sultry tone as a now confident smile comes across her face as she feels the bones in her body “pop” and “crack” in to place as they became ever more robust in density, structure and strength in order to support her ever heavily building form.

Maggie glances down on her self as her once light skin became more flushed in pink color all over her while she grew a few inches taller again, now up to six feet in height as her now slowly disintegrating T-shirt lifted upward exposing her stomach, which showed off an already robust, and still developing six-pack.

She next brings her arms up and briskly flexes them; doing so her biceps budge outward and upward with new thick powerful muscles overlaying each other with each new push. She repeated the flex of her arms again and again, each time her muscles inch out even more in renewed power.

A loud snap was now heard as the main fly-button on her black jeans breaks off and flies out into the air, which goes through the ghost girl’s head who in turn pays no attention to it as she just still watches Maggie in wonderment.

Maggie’s growing thighs held on tightly to what was left of her jeans with discomfort ability, yet she did not care because to her it alone was strong sensation of an empowerment to her, soon the rest of the smaller buttons on the button-fly section of her jeans “pop” open and within a slow yawn, revealing her very snug black panties looking ready to snap off at any time as they wrapped ever tighter around her ever increasing size of her womanhood while at the same moment riding up into her butt as it became rounder and firmer.  

By her own accord, she reaches down to her warming crotch and rubs herself in a tight circle for even more stronger stimulation to speed up her growth process.

“More!” cries out Maggie in a thrill as she sinks into a even more deeper state of sexual euphoria as her once soft and light voice was now becoming much more huskier and an sensual tone was very apparent as the sound of her black sneakers finally ripping open was heard clearly with a sharp “crack” with her matching socks are already destroyed by her growing feet.

With that she then thrust out her chest out fiercely while at the same moment her whole body budges outward with even more with newly formed powerful diamond cut appearing muscles that have constrained even more her already tighten clothing against her body as it rubs sharply upon her sensitive skin as she let’s out a delightful invigorating laugh.

Her now very proud, firm, buoyant breasts still growing and swelling start to burst through the strained fabric of the concert T-shirt as she thrust them firmly into the air once more. She takes her left hand rubs, squeezes, and tightly pinched the right erect nipple that has poked though the cloth as her growth in height still slowly continues as she became even taller beyond the seven-foot range.

“Yes, give it all to me!” she cries out vigorously as she arched her back to her already amazon-like body up into the night sky as her T-shirt disintegrates away even further while exposing more of her firm bust and well develop six-pack emerges at the same time holding her right arm outward making a tight fist. “Make the real me come forth!”

All Jennifer could do is still watch with amazement and a slightly opened mouth at the incredible metamorphoses that was happening right in front her while both Mary and Tim tried to look over every chance they could as well, Tim appeared to be a bit more intrigued than Mary was.

“Don’t stop, give me even more!” Maggie cries out in delight as if she is still encouraging her own body to keep growing and develop additionally as she begins to feel a very recognizable and welcoming tension within her as she quickly approached the sexual driven climax of her transformation. “Getting so close, I still want more! Bigger, stronger!”

Her T-shirt finally bursts completely open as her new massive tits jut fleshly outward while the back of the shirt tears away into small shreds. Her jeans do the same and join the pile of rags next to her destroyed black sneakers on the ground.

Maggie’s new powerful body now covered in a light sweat suddenly began to shake all over as the expression on her face lit up with intoxicating pleasure, she next let out a strong cry in exhilaration that seem to echo off the thick stands of trees of near by forest as she swiftly spiked up in growth and power one more time as the very last whole strips of her clothes ripped away leaving her almost naked with the expectation of a few scraps of cloth hanging off her new powerful form as her transformation beings to subsided and then she lets out a strong pleasurable sigh as she looked over herself.

“Exquisite.” Maggie announced out loud about the whole transformation experience, as she next takes in her breath and then breaths out slowly as what appears to be light steam to follow into the cool autumn night air.

“Oh, wow.” says Jennifer in a small voice almost like a whisper.

“Impressed little one?” asked the new nine-foot tall muscle-bound amazon Maggie with her new deeper and husker voice as she stood naked and proud front of Jennifer as she gazed down at the ghost-girl with a closed mouth smile.

“Impressive indeed.” admitted Tim about Maggie’s transformation process. “Not what I really expected to happen, yet, what a “hoodoo” event.”

“Yet, also a bit disturbing at the same time.” added Mary while slightly biting her lower lip.  

“Holy She-Hulk!” exclaimed Jennifer in disbelief now as she looks up then down at the now colossal size Maggie. “Except you’re not green, how did you do that?”

“It’s ma~gic, pretty wild, huh?” replied Maggie in a now husky and very confident voice as she even goes so far to strike a pose of a champion female bodybuilder, yet it wasn’t a very good one as she slightly looses her center of balance and almost falls on top of Jennifer who despite being a ghost instinctively jumps back a few feet away from the massive girl.

*“Whoops, sorry.” apologies Maggie as she corrects her balance and stands back up to her full prodigious height again as she glances back down at the tiny ghost-girl who is still just staring up at her in incredulity. “Forgot about my new center of gravity here or the like.”

“Anyway this new form, this body you now see before you. This is me, the real me now brought outward from within.” exclaimed Maggie proudly as she shows off her newly acquired muscularity again as the magical glow from earlier reappeared again around her body. “Only in spirit did this other personality exist deep down inside myself.”

“Sometimes I hated to be stuck inside that shy, little and frail husk of a person.” explained Maggie as she now flexes both her arms causing the muscles to slightly swell a bit more in bulk as well as causing her to grow a few more inches in height as the glow disappears into her body once more.

“Ahh, still very much “exquisite”.” added Maggie quickly referring to her latest growth spurt. “A little bit of residual magical power right there.  Now I must say, I still give thanks to whom ever gave me this wonderful gift.”  

The other girls finally get the chance to look over and see Maggie in her new form, for Coralline she has seen it before when she first confronted Maggie about her strange alien-like magic aura that she was giving off, however for Niccole and especially for Sara they both heard strange rumors about Maggie within the coven, however, this was way over the silver mountain top here.

“Holy shit!” exclaimed Sara passionately in her mind as she looks over Maggie’s new form closely. “I always thought she was cute before. But now, she’s a living goddess!”

“Is that it?”  expressed Jennifer sounding like she was not impressed with an expression on her face to match as she looked right at Maggie in the eye.

“Yeah, that is it.” replied Maggie in vexation at Jennifer as she shows off her body once more. “Again, are you not impressed by “this”? Do you need more? Just have Tim blast me again, I welcome more magical energy, I crave it! I always want to break my boundaries even further.”

“Oh, I’m impressed alright.” replied Jennifer. “I mean that body of yours puts both my pass physical and now current spiritual athletic hourglass body to shame at one being a bulked out amazon that is. Now that I think about it, your whole transformation here was something like what that “Handoverfist” dude did back in the movie “Heavy Metal”, man.”

Maggie was starting to be filled with indignation by the ghost-girl’s next words as she walked around her, while her eyes where going up and down as if was reading Maggie’s body like a book or something.

I mean shit, the “Incredible Hulk” himself would probably be getting a boner if he saw you right now.” explained Jennifer in a tone that easily showed that this whole solution was simply very awkward for her to find the correct words.   “But…damn, what I’m trying to say here is after all you’ve just said…and done to yourself, it has indeed boosted your confidence in the end. But don’t you think you would have a something more in self-respect at about presenting yourself in front of others?”

“What…what do you mean?” demanded Maggie as she put both of her hands on her hips. “Didn’t you understand what I just said a moment ago? This body almost matches the way of my true inner-self that I really want others to see about me.”

“By being big and bad and…naked?” added Jennifer as she pointed to Maggie’s massive bust. “I mean come on, do you really want to tell people in the wrong way at what kinda person you are by showing off your goodies of what comes naturally being a woman so loosely?”

“Besides.” Jennifer quickly added this time speaking in a lower tone of voice almost like in a grumble of disgust.  “Those damn tits of yours are as bigger than medicine balls. Cover yourself, girl. I’m tired of them being in my face.”

“I don’t mind!” yells Tim as he glances over again to see Maggie while still casting one of his spells at the Golem once more. “Right now, she’s putting a real raise in my old Levis!”

Mary finally gets a chance to get a much better look at Maggie’s new form and gives a very distain glance of disapproval at Tim’s choice of words.

“Still the dirty old man, Olaf!” protested Mary who says Tim’s true name. “Ack, you never have changed after all these years.”

“Nope and why are you saying my true name; “Olaf” all of a sudden?” asked Tim.

“Because I’m pissed off at you!” replied Mary as she jumps back from fighting the Golem and let’s Tim fight the whole giant stone creature by himself so she can cast another spell at the pile of rags that were once Maggie’s clothes.

The pieces of cloth begin to glow with a greenish light for a few seconds until they form into one solid piece of black cloth and stretches outward until its over two times larger than it originally was. Next the cloth itself jumps up and energetically wraps firmly around Maggie’s own body into a tight snuggled fit while it forms into a kind of body suit that is very strong, yet stills gives her a great deal of flexibility to her new powerful form.  

“Cool.” admitted Jennifer as she checked out Maggie’s new outfit. “Kinda reminds me of my black and pink spandex workout suit I had. That outfit showed off all of my curves.”

“You were proud at how it made you looked while you wore it.” added Maggie within a sultry grin as she looked over her new garb and gives off another flex of her arms just to test its resilient. “But, your father hated when he saw you wearing it.”

“Hey!” shouted Jennifer up to Maggie. “You may have some of my memories, but that one is very personal!”

“Remind you about what you said earlier about me and the cheerleader?” questioned Maggie as she leaned down at Jennifer as her own shadow that was created by the light of a nearby streetlamp behind her which was on the other side of the estate’s boundaries casts over the ghost-girl like a veil causing the bluish glow from her aura to be seen clearly by Maggie now.  

“Touché.” admitted Jennifer bluntly as she glanced up at Maggie with which appeared to be envious eyes now. “I guess.”

“If you two are done with the little girl-talk!” shouted Mary as both she and Tim are beginning to buckle from the Golem’s ongoing attacks. “We need some help here, especially one who has now the extra muscles, hint, hint!”

At first Maggie looked away from Jennifer for a second as she turned her full attention to Mary’s plead, she was just about to take off to help them when she quickly glance back down to tell Jennifer something only she came face to face with the ghost-girl at eye level because now Jennifer was exactly the same height as she was.

“How?” Maggie asks in disbelief as she takes a step back just to be sure she was seeing this correctly.

“Hello.” replies Jennifer with mockery who then points to herself. “I’m a ghost remember? The laws of physics don’t apply to me here in the Earth realm and no way I was going to have you keep looking down at me like that.”

“Awesome, a giant ghost.” says Maggie with a pleasant smile as her eyes look up and down at Jennifer. “And a pretty one too.”

“Yeah, yeah swell.” grumbles Jennifer as she just rolled her eyes at Maggie. “Now, if you want to be the; “Hero of the day” here, go and kick that ugly stone thing’s ass!”

Jennifer watches Maggie run off as she then turns around and looks down at Coralline with very scornful eyes.

“While I take care of something else.” she says with bitterness. “Right Coralline?”

                                                                    END Part 5
Ghost Within the Machine Part 5
Jennifer comes face to face with the Golem and Maggie's secret comes forth before the others.

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“Dust in the wind” Kansas

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“You best start believing in ghost stories, Miss Turner. You’re in one.”

                                                                                                 -Captain Hector Barbossa

As the ghost-girl known as Jennifer Porterfield phases through the old red brick wall behind the abandon Victorian-era mansion, she struggles at her best to stop walking towards the estate’s former outside ground pool, which now serves as the tomb for a giant clay and stone servant known as; “The Golem” to a long-ago deceased witch by the name of “Jenny Greenteeth”.

“Got… to… stop.” says Jennifer with difficultly between words as she is forced by outside dark forces to keep her walking towards the pool area, while at the same time uncontrollably looking around for any sign of this so-called “Seal” that she was warned about to never cross over it because her ghostly nature may accidently awaken the huge stone monster that sleeps in the now earth filled swimming pool. For years she has obeyed this rule, now against her will she is about to break it.

Just as she reaches the edge of the large dirt mount that covered the pool itself, she stopped walking and turned slowly to her left to where the pool’s large wooden gazebo once stood, now the area is just covered with dead shrubs and thick tall brown grass.

Again by external forces, Jennifer raises her right arm up towards the pile of dead plant life and points to it. To her own amazement, she watches the pile decaying plant life rollway to reveal an object that a first glance looks like an old iron manhole cover, however at a closer look one would see the strange rune writings all over it.

“Crap.” says Jennifer out loud as she sees the strange magical made object much clearer now and even though she has never seen it until today or had any clear idea at what it really looked like, she could tell right away it was the very Seal that she was never suppose to be near to.

Before she could react she finds herself being flung literally head over heels through the air by the aid of the dark magic and lands right on top of the Seal itself face down.

Unknown to her at that exact moment, as soon as her ghostly body made actual physical contact with the Seal itself, the strange green energy that once surrounded her very aura quickly drifts off her, seeps into the Seal and fades away from view.

Once Jennifer realizes that the foreign power was out of her own essence and she was able to be in control of herself again, she quickly pushes herself off of the Seal, looks right back at the mound of dirt for a few seconds, then looks around everywhere for anything that was happening or wrong.
Nothing. Everything was quite, with the exception of some loud crickets “singing” nearby.

“What? That’s it?!” exclaimed Jennifer with concern as she turned around to look back at the dirt mound and carefully walks up to it. “You’re not going to wake up, are you? That’s fine with me, I think Tim will be happy with that knowledge that I can’t do that or was Tim just pulling a joke with me all this time?”

Coralline, Niccole and Sara watch the whole thing happen with Jennifer safely from a second story window inside the house and just like Jennifer, most of them were confused at what just occurred.

“What happened?” asked Niccole as she turned to Coralline in concern. “Shouldn’t we have saw something happen by now? Was the spell right?”

Coralline was just quiet at first as she just simply stared out the window and right at the dirt mount.  “Just wait for it.”

“What about Jennifer?” asked Sara with concern. “She is really not under the control of the Summit Plate anymore is she, now that she is done with her task. What about Maggie?”

“The ghost is still somewhat in my control.” explained Coralline as she held up the keys to Sara. “I just eased off a little so..”

“Hey!” Maggie shouts out as she is still pinned against the wall downstairs. She attempts very hard to look out the window just across to her; with some more effort she spots the mound. “Look at what’s going on there!”

Jennifer looks on as well and if she still had her heart beating inside her, she would get the sensation of it sinking slowly into her stomach as she beings to see and hear the mound of dirt being to “breath” slowly.

The mound continues to rise and fall as many small cracks begin to form all over it’s dry crusty shell as they grow longer and wider with each passing breath, small pockets of dusty filled air blow out of some of the largest cracks.

“Spoke too soon. Damn it, I hate it when that happens.” Jennifer grumbles with disgust as she now beings to back up slowly with a worried look on her face. She then quickly turns around in a attempt to run away only to get caught up in the sudden and violent eruption as the dirt mound explodes everywhere then showers down many clumps of dirt, loam and pieces of old white cement.

As the thick shower of derbies subsides and a thick dust cloud now lingers everywhere in the air, Jennifer is still standing in the very same place when the mound exploded, however now she is now standing or for a better word  “floating” over a newly made hole where part of the ground once was under her feet.

“Holy shit.” exclaims Sara as she and the other girls lightly cough from the same dust that now fills the room from where they were watching.  “What happen?”

“Is it awake?” asks Niccole. “I don’t see anything!”

“There.” says Coralline with satisfaction. “Within the shadows. It’s drawn to the ghost’s natural aura light.”

Jennifer nevertheless looks around carefully while still submerge in the cloud of dust as fine soil particles float through her. She finally notices the new hole just below her and quickly floats back over to where the ground begins whole again.  

An unusual disturbing deep chill suddenly comes all over her and that does not happen too often with a ghost. However, when it does she like many of her fellow ghosts will possibly tell you that this over all is not a good thing because it could mean that there is a powerful force near-by and its disrupting the balance of many things.

For those who are in realm of the living this may be called; “intuition” or simply put a; “gut feeling” that things are not right.

As Jennifer is about to fly off to try to get back to the house, an eerie sound of grinding stone on stone and ground shifting in heard within the dust cloud, she quickly turns around and glances upward to see the slow movement of a silhouette belonging to a figure in the bizarre shape of what appear to be somewhat squire and bulky in appearance of a giant humanoid as it loomed just right above her.

Without any warning a massive gray stone hand covered in brown dirt and reddish loam comes flying out of the dust cloud and slams down right on the very spot she was just hovering over a few seconds ago.

Jennifer quickly looks down at the hand, then right back up into the thick dust cloud as she is next greeted by a large gruesome image carved into the head made of gray stone with black mud caked everywhere on it belonging to the terrifying creature known as “The Golem” as it punches through the dust and stops just a foot away from Jennifer and makes a deep thunderous growl at her which make the ghost-girl jump back in alarm.

The Golem then lowers its massive body down at the ghost-girl who can clearly see its head alone was as big as she was tall and its facial features were as horrifying as told by the older ghosts who dwelled in the same cemetery with her.

However, now finally seeing this vile creature with her own eyes, Jennifer had her own way of expressing herself about the Golem’s own appearance, by quoting a popular line from movie she saw with Arnold Schwarzenegger in it back when she was alive.

“Man, you are one ugly…” says Jennifer within a amusing grin on her face as she slowly speaks up to the stone and earth made behemoth who in turn cuts off the last part of her sentence by slamming down its other huge stone hand right down upon on her, which of course goes right through the ghost-girl like nothing.
Jennifer then quickly looks down upon the massive stone hand, which stopped exactly at her waistline. She then calmly looks right back up at the Golem and finishes the last part of her sentence now with an expression of disappointment on her face.


The Golem in turn lets out another angry roar at right at Jennifer, which this time blows her back a little like a ship’s sail as if a strong breeze came by.

“It’s a good thing that I’ am already dead and can’t smell.” explained Jennifer to the Golem as she pointed up to it. “I bet that breath of yours which is probably as obscene as your face is would have killed me flat.”

The Golem gives back a face full of rage at Jennifer as what appears to be small streams of red molten rock comes oozing out of its mouth between its sharp clamped teeth as it stands up to its full size of ten feet while it puts both of its hands into tight fists and raises them high over Jennifer who in turn gets the point.

“Yup. Time to go!” Jennifer claims as she takes off like a shot toward the house. She could hear the sharp blow from the Golem’s fists as they strike down on the ground causing a ripple effect causing the very sod below her vibrate off the ground itself while at the same time making some nearby old oak and maple sugar trees to fall down.

Needless to say, Jennifer knows too well that as a ghost, there was really not much harm the Golem could actually do to her, however, with the amount of knowledge she knew and the evilness she could detect coming from this un-living stone creature its not safe for anyone dead or alive to be near it and even after all what those girls just put her through tonight, she just couldn’t let them fall victim to this thing, especially Maggie, as best Jennifer could tell at this time, Maggie was exploited by this Coralline girl as much she was.  

Both of them where used in this reckless act and she would deal with Coralline herself later, right now she had to warn them because this Golem cannot be controlled at all because according to what she has learned from Tim when he explained like a kind of prophesy to her why she should never get near the Seal is once the Golem is awaken once more it will continue its last quest which was to free Jenny Greenteeth’s soul from her earthly prison at the cemetery and immerse her dark spirit into its self so she would be free of her current bonds in the ground. Just like it was supposed to do years ago the last time the Golem was wake and roaming around.

“You can control that, right?” demanded Niccole as she pointed to the Golem as it started to make its way to the house in a slow lumber-like walk as it spots the girls in the window.

“I don’t know.” said Coralline with a worried tone now. “It’s much bigger than I read about it and I didn’t know it would be aware of its self so suddenly.”

“What did you think it was going to do when it woke up?”  argued Niccole. “Do a tap dance or something?”

“It was suppose to ask who its master was when it awaken!” balked Coralline. “Kind in a way when you release a Genie from its bottle!”

“This is no fucken “Genie in the bottle” here!” said Niccole as the Golem now stops right in front of the window with a toothy grin while Sara lets out a frighten yell.

Jennifer then flies up gets right in between the edge of the window and the Golem itself.

“Run away.” she says bluntly to the three girls as she turns to face the Golem. “Now, I’ll buy you some time and get Maggie too!”

The girls do not need to be told twice as they run out of the room, down the stairwell and into the kitchen where Maggie was still stuck to the wall.

Both Niccole and Sara try to free Maggie from her bonds while Coralline was busy packing up the Summit Plate and a few other magical charms in her backpack. The sound of the Golem’s roar could be heard clearly and it shook the whole house’s windows.

“Hey!” demanded Sara to Coralline about Maggie as she was pulling on her legs. “How about some help here, this is your spell after all, free her!”

Coralline just glances over while she was putting Jennifer’s car keys on a neck chain and sliding them under her black shirt, next she looks at the three and just by snapping both of her fingers together the spell holding Maggie is broken as she almost falls to the floor in a heap, however both Sara and Niccole catch her.

“Let’s go.” says Sara to Maggie who is currently too weak to stand on her own legs because one of the effects of the spell was to put her arms and legs to “sleep”. So Niccole helps in carrying her out of the house with Coralline right behind them as she throws her backpack on her.

Both Jennifer and the Golem just look at each other right in the eye for a few seconds until Jennifer makes the first move as she flies around the Golem’s head like a housefly.

This action alone of course just enrages the Golem as it takes several swipes at the ghost until she stops right in front of the creature’s stone face and points right between its eyes.

“Bet you can’t get me, chump.” exclaimed Jennifer as she hovered back and forth in front of the Golem’s face.

The Golem then brings both of its huge hands up together between Jennifer like it was going to applause her instead it smacks them hard together making a loud bang as they close quickly down around her.

Jennifer just simply materializes out of the Golem’s left hand, floats up and looks right at it.

“Miss me!” she cries out proudly as she keeps flying around. “Try again.”

The Golem now takes several efforts at smacking its huge hands together at Jennifer who in turn every time materializes right out of them.

“Miss me again” she cries out loud while joking at each attempt. “Up high, now low! Man, you’re too slow, blockhead! “

After hearing Jennifer’s last words Golem just stops its useless attempt at trying to catch the ghost and instead continues to watch her fly around with its eyes locked on to her.

Then suddenly much to her own surprise, the Golem draws her whole essence form into itself by way of sucking her in through its right nostril as it inhales deeply, then turns around facing the forest behind the house and with the sound of a mighty “swoosh”, spits out the ghost-girl by way of its month, which then sends her flying through the air like a large “loogie” and into the thick crown of a large sugar maple tree.

“Whoa, that sucked.” says Jennifer out loud in disbelief after coming to a rest in the tree. “Didn’t see that one coming.”

She then brings up and looks over at her right arm then the rest of her body as a strange type of slag-like mucus is now covering all of it.

“Aww, gross!” Jennifer cries out in disgust. “Please say this is just “ectoplasm” and not what I think it is!”

The Golem lets out a strange sounding wicked “chuckle” as it hears Jennifer’s remarks. It then turns around back at the house and next bends down looking into the main dinning room through a lower window.  

The creature then spots the other girls running out of the house by way of the front door. It quickly stands straight back up and then rams violently into the wall of the house itself.

Within a loud crash from the of snapping wood siding, support beams, breaking glass and cracking brick the Golem crashes through the old mansion with little effort finally blowing out to the opposite side as part of the large house collapses behind it.

Large and small pieces of wood, pipe and brick fly everywhere through the air and by the girls as Sara lets out a yell in fright. Maggie managed to find the strength back to her legs back and starts to run as well until suddenly they go limp again and she falls down once more.

Both Sara and Niccole stop to help her up as Coralline only stops to look back at the Golem as it keeps charging at them still in a lumbering pace, she gets in front of the others and holds up both of her arms at the stone giant.

“Stop!” Coralline orders out. “I am the one who awoken you from your earthly prison, Golem! You will obey me! I said… STOP!”

The Golem’s charge suddenly comes to a dead halt as it now hovers directly over Maggie, Sara and Niccole as some of its “lava” blood that is still oozing out of its mouth falls to the ground just missing Maggie’s Hi-top sneakers by inches as it make soft “hissing” sounds as it burns into the earth.

Maggie shuffles her black sneakers back away from the hot “blood” as she looks up at the Golem while it is still transfixed upon Coralline.

“If I can get my pouch of magical charms back I bet I can turn “Ugly” here into a plié of rubble.” Maggie thinks to herself as she glances at Sara for a second. “But, other than Coralline, the other girls never seen me transform before. What will they think?”

Maggie then returns her full attention to both to the Golem and Coralline as she speaks again with more confidence in her voice this time.

“You will obey me, Golem.” orders Coralline firmly as she points down to the ground with her right hand. “Kneel.”

Surprisingly without any hesitation the stone giant takes a knee right before the young apprentice-witch just barely missing coming right down upon on the other girls with its huge leg.

“How are you controlling it now?” demanded Niccole as she looked up.

“I guess I wasn’t close enough to it at first. Now you three.” orders Coralline to the three girls. “Get out of the way, unless you want to be meat pulp next.”

As Maggie, Sara and Niccole quickly get up and run off, without any warning the Golem quickly stands back up and leaps high into the air.

As it was right about to come down and crush Coralline, a powerful beam of white magic comes shooting out of the dark woods which was on the other side of the estate grounds and strikes the Golem at center mass while still in mid-air. The force from the magical blast sends the creature flying back into what was left still standing of the once large modest house within a loud crash causing the rest of the structure to fall down upon in a heap on top and bury the Golem.

“Who?” demanded Coralline as she and the others look to where the magical blast came from to see a man appeared to be in his late fifties with a somewhat gray burly beard, dressed in dirty green coveralls step out of the shadows with his magical staff still glowing from the power it just shot out.

“Who are you?” asked Coralline again. “Old man.”

“I am an “Enchanter” and have had many names through the yore.”  The old man spoke proudly in his rough up voice, as he then clears his throat and lightly brushed away some magical glowing “dust” off his grayish beard. “But, you can call me…”Tim”.”

““Tim”.” quoted Coralline with bitter satire. “The fucken “Enchanter” in the flesh! This is unacceptable!”

“Indeed and you’re welcome for saving your hide back there, young lady.” grumble Tim. “A bit ungrateful there, a fine victim of your own hubris, yes?’

“I had control of the Golem.” she demanded. “You messed it up!

“Right.” scoffed Tim in disbelief as he starts to walk up to the girls. “By the way things were going, you two looked like you were about to play a nice game of “leap frog” and you in the end were going to be the flatten frog.”

“Tim!” yells out Jennifer happily as she flies swiftly down to him and tries her best to give him a hug without phasing into him while he does the same in turn. Even though to him it’s like trying to hug a person made out of mist. “Man, I’m so glad to see you, old fart!”

“Same here.” he replied as he looked right back at the other girls with displeasure. “I just got back to the cemetery shortly after you were taken away. It’s very intriguing how they were able to snatch you up like that. Speaking of, Miss Coralline Device, that “Summit Plate” that you have? I’ll be taking that because amateur like you should not be in ownership of something that powerful in magic.”

“It’s mine now.” demanded Coralline with a light sneer. “And you know my name?”

“I knew your grandmother, “Molly Device”.” he replied. “I don’t think she would have approved at what you are doing with the Golem, this automation-like creature cannot be controlled so easily as one might think. I think the thing you kids say today is; “He was just messing with you back there.” It only has one true master and her name is Jenny Greenteeth, it will kill anyone else who will try to control it.”

Without any warning, the now huge pile of debris that was once a mansion blew apart scattering everywhere through out the air.

Tim quickly conjures up a protection spell which shields very one from the many different sizes of flying debris as it rains down aggressively on them. The Golem next jumps out of the center and lands hard outside of the house’s foundation. Once more lets out an angry roar as small pieces of red lava slag come shooting out of its gaping mouth.

“Oh, bloody hell.” admitted Tim within a mutter as he quickly summons up another plasma energy blast from his staff and fires it right between the Golem’s eyes where it bursts into a bright white flash which temporary blinds the creature’s vision completely as it now stumbles around wildly, then going off into another direction causing it to crash into or bounce off between several large trees almost like a pinball does going against the game’s bumpers. “That’ll buy us some time. Yet, if he is not pissed off yet, he’s really pissed off now. “

“No shit.” added Jennifer as she takes to the air again and studies the Golem.  “Is his blood really like lava or something?”

“Worst than that young one.” explained Tim with some stress in his voice. “The very “blood” that pumps within the heart of this dark creature comes from the fire demons that once roamed freely in the land that was once called; “Britannia” at the time.

“That’s bad, huh?” asked Jennifer.

“Oh, quite the bad.” Tim added with satire.

“What’s really weird to me about this.” says Maggie as she speaks up to Tim who was taken back at her doing so as if he was anxious at being round her . “This Golem is nothing like the one I heard about in the mythical Hebrew tale.”

“That particular one Miss Maggie Llewellyn is totally different and as real as the earth that makes up it.” explained Tim as he begun to charge up his magical staff once more.  “What remains of it to this day, is still locked up in an old synagogue in the city of Prague. It was originally made to be a kind of a “Protector”. However, as time passed it became a creature of destruction and eventually went berserk in the city. The way it was stopped finally on its rampage was on its forehead was inscribed in old Hebrew was the word;”emet” meaning “truth” so a rabbi managed to rub out the letter “e” turning “emet” into “met” which means “death” and the Golem turned into a large pile of clay which was then sealed away in the synagogue’s attic.”

“Yeah. That’s the one.” admitted Maggie.  “Pays to read a lot of books.”

“Our friend here is nothing like that Golem.” Tim went on. “He is a product of pure evil and can’t be stopped the same way.”  (*Fire and ice)

“That’s why we buried him in the ground all those years ago!” cried out a new voice belonging to a woman. “Entombed within the very cold earth with the aid of a bonding enchantment spell that took the power of a whole coven to cast down upon him. In the end, it was the only way to stop him finally, but not destroyed. Uncanny is it not?”

Everyone turns to just see stepping out of an opening end of a magical travel dimension tunnel about hundred feet away was a young woman with long curry dark golden hair, dressed in a type of medieval yet mystical appearing white gown holding a long glowing magical wand in her right hand. She was known by the name of; “Mary Burch”. Who also happens to be the lieutenant white witch of this county in the Northeast.    

“Miss Burch.” exclaimed Tim as he gave a light bow to her. “So nice for you to join us…finally.”

“I had a little trouble with some of those kids from this so-called; “Witch’s Lot” that I kept hearing about at school. They won’t trouble us tonight.” explained Mary as she joins Tim and looks at the Golem as it still walks around blindly. “And a good thing to by the ways things are right now.”

“You’re the senior White Witch of this sector?” exclaimed Niccole in disbelief as she walked up Mary. “I never knew.”

“More of a deputy than a senior.” explained Mary. “I’m not that old.”

“I did.” said Coralline bitterly as she never looked right at Mary.  “I always knew.”

“I had a spell on me that hid and protected me from certain magic users…and drainers for safety, Niccole.” explained Mary as she glanced at Maggie for a second. “However, there were certain others who could tell right way regardless of who and what I am and would barely even talked to me when I wanted to talk to them. Correct Coralline?”  

“I have my reasons and you know this, White Witch.” replied Coralline. “You stopped the rest of our team at coming here tonight?”

“I…convinced them that what you were doing was improper and against the rules that we and other senior members of the users of magic laid down years ago at one of the Gatherings when this country was just starting to form.” explained Mary.  “And using the “Spirit manipulative” spell on a good essence against their will to do certain dark tasks is still forbidden and unprofessional by many accounts.”

“Maybe for you and the rest of the white magic users.” Coralline cuts in sharply.  “But, I study the dark arts. Our rules are not all the same.”

“And I know of another certain someone who can explain this to you in his own way that even you and those of the dark arts have rules to go by as well.” added Tim. “If he ever show’s his ass up here as I requested that is.”

“One of my favorite teachers from high school is a white witch?” acknowledges Maggie in disbelief.  “I take it that this spell that you have on yourself. This so-called “drainer” person is about me and how you protect yourself from me from my ability to absorb your magic and from never picking up on you as a source for power?”

“I’m sorry to be saying it like this, Maggie.” explained Mary. “But, yes it is. To people like Tim and myself, you’re dangerous to us. By the way Maggie, have you finished your homework tonight?”

“I have the same spell on me as well, young lady.” added Tim as he was watching the Golem the whole time carefully as it tried to see right again, while at the same time it was walking in the direction toward the large pile of debris of what was once the house itself. “We both agreed sometime ago that you’re not evil so we have been watching and studying you. It was only then that you got Jennifer here involved and put her own safety as a ghost at risk the we had to step things up.”    

“I understand.” admitted Maggie anxiously. “But, I swear for what happened here tonight with Jennifer, I didn’t want anything like this.”

“Hey, Coralline?” Jennifer now spoke up in an irritated voice as she landed suddenly next to Maggie, which made her jump a bit in surprise. “How about my car keys?”

Coralline just simply looks at ghost-girl with expression on her face that read she couldn’t care less about the keys which only frustrated Jennifer even more.

“No time!” shouted Tim as he now puts both of hands on his staff as the Golem reaches back down into the basement area of the house’s foundation and grabs of what’s left of the old boiler furnace, holds it over its head and let’s out a angry roar at them. “Because he’s big, he’s bad and damn is he just plain ugly…Oh, Bollocks. Run!"

                                                                                  End Part 4
Ghost Within The Machine Part Four
Jennifer comes face to face with The Golem and Maggie's secret comes forth.

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Mt. Fuji-san Photo 5
Please note:My work is Copyright 2016
All my works are registered and undercopyright.
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